Dick Cole (18)
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    Episode Log
    01 Dick and the Boxing Match.mp3
    02 Dick and the Chicken Thieves.mp3
    03 First-Year Man.mp3
    04 Dick Is Accused of Counterfeiting.mp3
    05 Two Crooks Create Mayhem at Farr.mp3
    06 Basketball Tournament.mp3
    07 Laura Gets Jealous.mp3
    11 Dick and the Burning House.mp3
    12 Dick's Everglade Mystery.mp3
    16 The Big Baseball Game.mp3
    19 Dick's South Sea Island Adventure.mp3
    20 The Werewolf of Farr.mp3
    22 Hermit of the Silver Mine.mp3
    23 Murder at Gray's Castle.mp3
    25 Dick Catches Spies.mp3
    26 Escaped Convict.mp3
    99 Football Cheat.mp3
    99 Rangefinder Spy Case.mp3

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