Danger, Dr. Danfield (22)
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    Episode Log
    ddrd000000 - E00 One Thousand Dollar Bet.mp3
    ddrd46-08-18-e1 - Trixie and the Bank Job.mp3
    ddrd46-08-25-e2 - Manuel Abello.mp3
    DDRD46-09-02-E03 Oliver Norton .mp3
    ddrd46-09-08-e4 - Norman Miles.mp3
    ddrd46-09-22-e6 - The Case of the Darkened Face.mp3
    ddrd46-09-29-e7 - Harriet Miller.mp3
    ddrd46-10-06-e8 - Red Jacobi.mp3
    ddrd46-10-13-e9 - Harry Evans.mp3
    ddrd46-10-20-e10 - Death Paints a Picture.mp3
    ddrd46-10-27-e11 - Edgar Allen Poe Manuscript, The.mp3
    ddrd46-11-03-e12 - Legend of the Windigo.mp3
    ddrd46-11-17-e14 - Neal Norton.mp3
    ddrd46-11-24-e15 - The Whirling Mirror.mp3
    ddrd46-12-01-e16 - Snowbound.mp3
    ddrd46-12-08-e17 - $100,000 Life Insurance Claim.mp3
    ddrd46-12-22-e19 - Bird in a Gilded Cage.mp3
    ddrd46-12-29-e20 - Money in a Basket.mp3
    ddrd47-01-05-e21 - Mad Men Strike Swiftly.mp3
    DDRD47-01-12-E22 - Death Tunes in at 790 Kilocycles.mp3
    ddrd47-02-02-e25 - Little Meteorite Who Wanted to be a Star.mp3
    ddrd47-02-09-e26 - Ghost in Merdock's Swamp.mp3

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