Comic Heroes (54)
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    Episode Log
    Black Hood - 430830 The Emerald Ring.mp3
    Blondie - 1944.06.19_Dagwood_Has_A_Dream.mp3
    Blondie - 1944.10.08_Baby_Snooks_Visits_The_Bumsteads.mp3
    Blondie - AlexanderTheActor.mp3
    Blondie - TheMissingPackage.mp3
    Blondie - CircusOuting.mp3
    Blondie - MrDithersGetsOutOfHospital.mp3
    Blondie - PhotographingAProwler.mp3
    Blue Beetle - BB_#01_40_05_15_The Opium Gang (Origin).mp3
    Blue Beetle - BB_#03 & #04_40_05_17_Sabatoge & Liquidation.mp3
    Blue Beetle - BB_#05 & #06_40_05_22_Murder For Profit.mp3
    Blue Beetle - BB_#07 & #08_40_05_24_Blasting Dynamite Gang.mp3
    Blue Beetle - BB_#13 & #14_40_06_05_Death Strikes From The East.mp3
    Blue Beetle - BB_#15 & #16_40_06_07_Sea Serpent.mp3
    Blue Beetle - BB_#17 & #18_40_06_012_Frame Up.mp3
    Blue Beetle - BB_#31_40_07_17_Finesse In Diamonds (Pt 1).mp3
    Bringing Up Father - 410701 - First show.mp3
    Dick Tracy - 38-02-15_032_DickFindsTheBlackPearl.mp3
    Dick Tracy - 38-02-16_033_AnAgentIsMurdered.mp3
    Dick Tracy - 38-02-17_034_GoingAfterTheRing.mp3
    Dick Tracy - 38-02-18_035_DickCapturesTheGang.mp3
    Dick Tracy - 38-02-21_036_PatIsHypnotized.mp3
    Jungle Jim - junj.1941.05.17_Ep_290_Jim's_New_Assignment.mp3
    Jungle Jim - junj.1941.05.24_Ep_291_Shadow_Under_The_Sea.mp3
    Jungle Jim - junj.1941.05.31_Ep_292_Trouble_In_The_Sky.mp3
    Jungle Jim - junj.1941.06.07_Ep_293_Jim_Leaves_Tonight.mp3
    Jungle Jim - junj.1941.06.14_Ep_294_Bombs_Aweigh.mp3
    Jungle Jim - junj.1941.06.21_Ep_295_Stowaway.mp3
    Jungle Jim - junj.1941.06.28_Ep_296_Rescued.mp3
    Jungle Jim - junj.1941.07.05_Ep_297_Kitty_Tells_Her_Story.mp3
    Jungle Jim - junj.1941.07.12_Ep_298_Encounter_With_The_Enemy.mp3
    Jungle Jim - junj.1941.07.19_Ep_299_Mutiny_Aboard_The_Sub.mp3
    Jungle Jim - junj.1941.07.26_Ep_300_Sasha_Placates_Bull.mp3
    Jungle Jim - junj.1941.08.02_Ep_301_Voodoo.mp3
    Jungle Jim - junj.1941.08.09_Ep_302_Rescued_From_The_Floating_Inferno.mp3
    Jungle Jim - junj.1941.08.16_Ep_303_A_Celebration.mp3
    Jungle Jim - junj.1941.08.23_Ep_304_Jim_To_The_Rescue.mp3
    Little Orphan Annie 34xxxx The Tin Box.mp3
    Little Orphan Annie 351023 Annie and Joe Have a Plan.mp3
    Popeye - 36XXXX_Popey_Meets_Robin_Hood.mp3
    Popeye - 36XXXX_Popeye_And_Gang_At_The_Zoo.mp3
    Popeye - 36XXXX_Popeye_And_The_Giant.mp3
    Terry and the Pirates - tepi--44-10-19--Jap Attack.mp3
    Terry and the Pirates - tepi--45-05-08--Planning a Vacation.mp3
    Terry and the Pirates - tepi--45-09-24--The Adventure of the Thirteen Keys.mp3
    Terry and the Pirates - tepi--46-12-02--The Bugged Hotel Room.2.mp3
    Terry and the Pirates - tepi--46-12-04--Representative Moss Bunker.mp3
    Terry and the Pirates - tepi--46-12-11--Aprehending Cuthney.mp3
    Terry and the Pirates - tepi--46-12-13--Cuthney Drops Dead.mp3
    Terry and the Pirates - tepi--46-12-23--The Search for Dr Quil.mp3
    Terry and the Pirates - tepi--46-12-26--The Man Who Never Sleeps.mp3
    Terry and the Pirates - tepi--46-12-xx--The Man Who Never Sleeps.mp3
    The Green Lama - 1949.05.17_The_Man_Who_Never_Existed.mp3

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