Cecil and Sally, Vol. 2 (140)
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    Episode Log
    0209 Talking To George Washington's Spirit.mp3
    0210 Playing a Scene for the Neighbor Girl.mp3
    0211 Sybil Comes Over To Talk with Cecil and Sally.mp3
    0212 Uncle Thomas Catches Cecil Spanking Sally.mp3
    0213 Uncle Thomas Tells Them To Make-Up.mp3
    0214 Cecil and Sally Make-Up.mp3
    0215 Cecil Fell Down the Stairs.mp3
    0216 Sally Wants To Write a Book.mp3
    0217 Cecil Answers Sally's Question.mp3
    0218 Preparing a Bath for Nero.mp3
    0219 Nero Gets a Bath and Gets Away.mp3
    0220 Cleaning Up and Finding Nero.mp3
    0221 Burglars Take Nero.mp3
    0222 Nero Returns and the Dog Catcher Gets Him.mp3
    0223 Cecil Reclaims Nero from the Dog Pound.mp3
    0224 Making Fudge.mp3
    0225 Cleaning Up While the Fudge Cools.mp3
    0226 Sally Has a Good Cry.mp3
    0227 Sally Talks While Cecil Tries To Count.mp3
    0228 Cecil Solves Sally's Problem.mp3
    0239 Cecil Teases Sally To Tears, Part 2.mp3
    0240 Sally Wants To Play Cupid To Uncle Thomas, Part 2.mp3
    0245 Sally's Dream Interpretation.mp3
    0246 Caught Snooping In Uncle Thomas' Desk.mp3
    0247 Discussing Aunt Bess and Uncle Thomas.mp3
    0248 Finding Old Pictures In Uncle Thomas' Bible.mp3
    0249 Sorting Through the Pictures.mp3
    0250 Ghost-Writing a Love Letter To Aunt Bess.mp3
    0251 Sally Mailed the Letter To the Wrong Address, Part 2.mp3
    0252 Plan To Write Another Letter To Miss Tucker, Part 2.mp3
    0253 Miss Tucker Told Her Neighbors About the Letter.mp3
    0254 Sneaking-Up To Miss Tucker's Door.mp3
    0255 Miss Tucker Tells Cecil and Sally about the Letter, Part 2.mp3
    0256 Sally Is Hunting a Moth, Part 2.mp3
    0257 Sally Plans To Get Aunt Bess Over for Dinner, Part 2.mp3
    0258 Sally Breaks Cecil's Unbreakable Watch, Part 2.mp3
    0259 Two Versions of Young Uncle Thomas.mp3
    0260 Ordering at the Diner.mp3
    0289 Cecil Picked Uncle Thomas' Prize Roses, Part 1.mp3
    0290 The Near-Death Story of Mrs. Millshaft, Part 1.mp3
    0291 Supposing, Part 1.mp3
    0292 Sally's Plan for Uncle Thomas and Aunt Bess Is Delayed, Part 1.mp3
    0293 Sally's Phone Rings Non-Stop, Part 1.mp3
    0294 Alexander Calls Sally and Cecil Is Jealous, Part 1.mp3
    0295 Cecil Meets Alexander, Part 1.mp3
    0296 Insults Fly and They Almost Come To Blows, Part 1.mp3
    0297 Taking Turns Falling Asleep, Part 1.mp3
    0298 Alexander Phones Sally and Cecil Leaves, Part 1.mp3
    0299 Cecil Expects Alexander To Be At Sally's House, Part 1.mp3
    0300 Cecil Turns Alexander's Interest To Sybil, Part 1.mp3
    0375 Cecil Plans How To Spend His 15 Dollars, Part 1.mp3
    0376 Stretching Cecil's New Shoes, Part 1.mp3
    0377 Cecil's Story Is Rejected By the Magazine, Part 1.mp3
    0378 Plastering Sally's Face, Part 1.mp3
    0379 Uncle Thomas Frees Sally's Face, Part 2.mp3
    0380 Not Answering When Uncle Thomas Is at the Door, Part 2.mp3
    0383 Cecil Dresses-Up Like a Cop.mp3
    0384 Cecil Catches a Burglar.mp3
    0421 Widow Mason Drops In On Uncle Thomas and Aunt Bess.mp3
    0422 Cecil and Sally Discuss Mrs. Mason.mp3
    0423 Caught In a Lie By Mrs. Mason.mp3
    0424 Sally Plans To Tell Uncle Thomas How Aunt Bess Feels.mp3
    0425 Sally Turns a Few Words Into a Deep Romance.mp3
    0426 Composing a Love Poem They Can't Quite Finish.mp3
    0427 Mrs. Mason Finds the Love Poem.mp3
    0428 Sybil Is an Agent for Mrs. Mason.mp3
    0429 Sally Is Jealous of Sybil.mp3
    0430 Cecil and Sally End Up Apologizing To Each Other.mp3
    0431 Cecil Finds Out About Sally's Deception.mp3
    0432 Cecil Is Jealous of Alexander.mp3
    0481 Eavesdropping On Mrs. Mason and Uncle Thomas, Part 1.mp3
    0482 Sally Has Cecil Cut the Hammock Strings, Part 1.mp3
    0483 Sally Calls Butch Williams, Part 1.mp3
    0484 Caught Overhearing Mrs. Mason's Plot, Part 1.mp3
    0485 Sally Concentrates On Spoiling the Plot, Part 2.mp3
    0486 Sally Reads Tea Leaves, Part 2.mp3
    0489 Sally Wants Cecil To Get Answers from Mrs. Mason's Parrot, Part 1.mp3
    0490 Cecil Is a Slave at Mrs. Mason's House, Part 1.mp3
    0491 Uncle Thomas Explains That Mrs. Mason Was Joking, Part 1.mp3
    0492 Sally Plans To Borrow Mrs. Mason's Parrot, Part 1.mp3
    0493 Interrogating Polly, the Parrot, Part 1.mp3
    0494 Mrs. Mason Thinks Her Parrot Is Crazy, Part 1.mp3
    0495 Uncle Thomas Apologizes To Sally, Part 1.mp3
    0496 Mrs. Mason Accidentally Kills Her Parrot, Part 1.mp3
    0497 Butch Williams and Uncle Thomas Leave the Money Behind, Part 1.mp3
    0498 Cecil and Sally Plan To Bury the Money, Part 1.mp3
    0499 They Never Had the Money, Part 1.mp3
    0500 The Grief of Gretchen, Part 1.mp3
    0517 Cecil Has Sally Trapped On a Ladder, Part 2.mp3
    0518 Sally Does the Opposite, Part 2.mp3
    0539 Mamie Tells Cecil and Sally What Happened with Mr. Leuker, Part 1.mp3
    0540 Sally Gets Cecil To Help Her Cook, Part 1.mp3
    0709 Sally Wants To Meet Willie.mp3
    0710 Willie Comes Over To Sally's House with Cecil.mp3
    0711 Sally Waffles On Her Feelings about Willie.mp3
    0712 Sally Is Determined To Get Willie a Job.mp3
    0713 Sally Talks Cecil Into Giving Willie His Job.mp3
    0714 Mrs. Mason Gets Promoted and Hires Alexander.mp3
    0729 Sally's Good Deed Cat Died.mp3
    0730 Burying the Cat In the Park.mp3
    0733 Cecil Is Offered Money To Rent His Car Out.mp3
    0734 Cecil Can't Get Money from Aunt Bess So He Rents His Car Out.mp3
    0735 Alexander Sees Cecil Taking Money from the Cash Register.mp3
    0736 Alexander Tells Sally That Cecil Was at the Old Warehouse.mp3
    0739 Cecil Challenges Alexander To Box Him.mp3
    0740 Cecil Gets a Bloody Nose.mp3
    0741 Sally Likes Bananas.mp3
    0742 Victims of Mistaken Identity.mp3
    0747 Cecil Gets a New Suit and Wallet.mp3
    0748 Uncle Thomas Says the Store Is Missing Money.mp3
    0749 Sally Catches a Rat Named Mrs. Mason.mp3
    0750 What Kind of Animal, Fish, Bird or Bug Would You Be.mp3
    0969 Mrs. Mason Plans To Sue Uncle Thomas.mp3
    0970 An Introduction To Little Otis.mp3
    0971 Gertrude Butterworth Mason Is Writing the Story of Her Life.mp3
    1014 Cecil Joins a Fraternity and Finds Alexander Is the Slave Driver.mp3
    1024 Uncle Thomas and Aunt Bess Arrive with News from Home.mp3
    1026 After the Play, the Dean Rewards Cecil.mp3
    1027 Alexander Makes Nice with a Donation and a Lead.mp3
    1028 Alexander's Lead Gets Cecil and Sally Arrested.mp3
    1029 Standing Before the Night Court Judge Who Fines Sally.mp3
    1030 Cecil Returns To His Room and Discovers His Money Is Gone.mp3
    1031 Cecil Tries Asking Everyone for Money, Even Alexander.mp3
    1032 Bob Confesses To Cecil That He Took the Money.mp3
    1033 Cecil and Sally Are Both Expelled By the Dean.mp3
    1034 Bob Says Goodbye to Cecil.mp3
    1035 Cecil Gives the Cowardly Alexander a Special Goodbye.mp3
    1036 Home Again and Everyone Is Accounted for But Willie's Dad.mp3
    1157 April Thinks Cecil Has Proposed To Her.mp3
    1158 Cecil Hesitates To Tell Sally, But April Delivers the News.mp3
    1159 Cecil Tells Sally Everything and Asks for Help.mp3
    1160 Cecil Can't Call Off the Wedding Because April Is Going Blind.mp3
    1161 Cecil Goes Back To Tell Sally That He Has To Marry April.mp3
    1162 Cecil Hides from April and Overhears Her Treachery.mp3
    1163 Cecil Decides To Miss His Wedding and Drives To Country with Sally.mp3
    1164 Cecil and Sally Confront April and Her Father with the Truth.mp3
    1373 Stalling the Hotel Manager Because They Can't Pay the Bill.mp3
    1374 Sally's Plan To Vamp the Clerk Backfires, but the Bill Is Wrong.mp3
    1375 Cecil's Plan To Plant a Roach In the Soup Is Thwarted.mp3
    1376 Thinking They Will Be Arrested. They Are Instead Rewarded.mp3

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