Cecil and Sally, Vol. 1 (138)
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    Episode Log
    0063 After Sally's Date With Alexander.mp3
    0064 Saying Goodnight.mp3
    0065 Sally Can't Find Her Purse.mp3
    0066 Sally Gives Cecil a Pink Sweater.mp3
    0067 Cecil Tries To Lose the Sweater.mp3
    0068 Cecil Convinces Sally That He Wants the Sweater.mp3
    0069 Sally Ties Cecil's Tie.mp3
    0070 Deciding To Go To a Movie.mp3
    0071 Cecil Gets In a Fight Over a Parking Spot.mp3
    0072 Waiting for Seats at the Theater.mp3
    0073 Trip To the Soda Fountain.mp3
    0074 Window Shopping.mp3
    0075 Has Ben Hur Been Stolen.mp3
    0076 Confession Magazine Rejects Cecil's Story.mp3
    0077 Sugarpie Was Sick.mp3
    0078 Uncle Thomas Thinks Cecil Has No Sense.mp3
    0079 Cecil Teaches Sally To Drive.mp3
    0080 Sally Crashes Ben Hur Into a Tree.mp3
    0081 Sally Is Afraid To Drive.mp3
    0082 Sally Drives Downtown.mp3
    0083 Sally Gets Pulled Over (Poor Sounding Start).mp3
    0084 Discussing the Adventure (Poor Sounding Start).mp3
    0085 Cecil Might Go To Jail.mp3
    0086 Planning for Court.mp3
    0087 Going Through Uncle Thomas' Basement.mp3
    0088 Waiting In the Courthouse.mp3
    0089 Telling Stories To the Judge.mp3
    0090 The Judge Makes His Decision.mp3
    0091 Sally Gets Fined By the Judge Instead.mp3
    0092 Cecil's Not Ready for Marriage.mp3
    0093 Sally Washes Cecil's Face.mp3
    0094 Cecil Tries To Train Sugarpie.mp3
    0095 Cecil Scares Sugarpie Up a Telephone Pole.mp3
    0096 Sally Gets Cecil To Ring the Fire Alarm.mp3
    0097 Firemen Arrive and Save Sugarpie.mp3
    0098 Cecil Is Jealous of the Fireman.mp3
    0099 Sally Wants Fame and Fortune.mp3
    0100 Sally Fancies Herself an Artist.mp3
    0101 Sally Wants To Go To a Movie.mp3
    0102 Pet Names and Baby Talk.mp3
    0103 Cecil's Secret Nickname Is Boz.mp3
    0104 Doing a Crossword Puzzle.mp3
    0105 Cecil's Castle.mp3
    0106 The Ideal.mp3
    0107 Cecil and Sally Really Do Like Each Other.mp3
    0108 Cecil's On Top of the World.mp3
    0109 Cecil Had To Change a Tire On Ben Hur.mp3
    0110 Cecil's Going To Teach Sally To Fish.mp3
    0111 Sally Drops Cecil's Camera Overboard.mp3
    0112 Sally Loses An Oar and Falls In the Lake.mp3
    0113 Cecil Rescues Sally.mp3
    0114 Sally's Catch Gets Away.mp3
    0115 Landing On the Island.mp3
    0116 Cecil Tries To Take a Nap.mp3
    0117 Sally Reads Poetry.mp3
    0118 A Storm Is Looming.mp3
    0119 The Boat Floats Away.mp3
    0120 Heading Back To Shore.mp3
    0121 Visit From the Census Taker.mp3
    0122 Sally Left Her Umbrella On the Streetcar.mp3
    0123 Cecil Tells Sally She Has 'Slumbering Vitamins'.mp3
    0124 Sally Has Cecil Believing He's Sick.mp3
    0125 Sally Calls About Her Lost Umbrella.mp3
    0126 The Faithful Dog Story.mp3
    0127 Sally Is Moving To Europe With Uncle Thomas.mp3
    0128 Cecil and Sally Reminisce.mp3
    0129 Trying To Trick Mr. Hatton.mp3
    0130 Is the Store Losing Money.mp3
    0131 The Rotten Egg Ploy.mp3
    0132 Sally Plans to 'Vamp' Mr. Hatton.mp3
    0133 Uncle Thomas Won't Sell the Store.mp3
    0134 Taking a Walk By Mrs. Morris' House.mp3
    0135 Loves Me, Loves Me Not.mp3
    0136 Adventure In a Half-Built House.mp3
    0137 Hiding In the Half-Built House.mp3
    0138 Cecil Tells Sally Ghost Stories.mp3
    0139 Cecil Has a Loose Tooth.mp3
    0140 Cecil Sneezes His Tooth Out.mp3
    0141 Uncle Thomas Gave His Teeth Away.mp3
    0142 Phoning Around To Find Uncle Thomas' False Teeth.mp3
    0143 Cecil Finds the Teeth.mp3
    0144 Argument Over What Movie To See.mp3
    0145 Cecil Won't Let Sally Drive.mp3
    0146 Picking a Fight With a Truck Driver.mp3
    0147 Sally Insists She Was Short-Changed.mp3
    0148 Talking During the Movie.mp3
    0149 Sally Talks about Other People Talking During Movie.mp3
    0150 Cecil the High-Pressure Salesman.mp3
    0151 Sally Teaches Cecil To Play Bridge.mp3
    0152 Bridge Lesson Interrupted By a Phone Call.mp3
    0153 Cecil Agrees To Dress Up Like a Girl.mp3
    0154 Getting Dressed for the Costume Party.mp3
    0155 Leaving for the Party.mp3
    0156 Cecil Gets In a Fight at the Party.mp3
    0157 Cecil Tells Sally Why He Fought.mp3
    0158 Cecil Is Jealous of Little Lord Fauntleroy.mp3
    0159 Well, Goodnight Flossie.mp3
    0160 Sally Won't Get In Ben Hur.mp3
    0161 Ben Hur Runs Out of Gas.mp3
    0162 Borrowing Gas from Another Car.mp3
    0163 Sally is Noisy and Wakes the Owner Up.mp3
    0164 The Owner Helps the 'Sisters' Out.mp3
    0165 Back Home Just Before Daybreak.mp3
    0166 Cecil Explains To Sally What a Mortgage Is.mp3
    0167 Sally Wants to Ask Cecil a Personal Question.mp3
    0168 Speaking of Love.mp3
    0169 Cecil Wants To Chew Tobacco.mp3
    0170 Cecil Chews Tobacco.mp3
    0171 Cecil is Sick from the Tobacco.mp3
    0172 Sally Tries To Remember Who She's Supposed To Call.mp3
    0173 Sally Speaks of Romance.mp3
    0174 Ancestors.mp3
    0175 Sally Gets Cecil To Go for a Walk.mp3
    0176 Taking Pictures In the Park.mp3
    0177 Cecil Climbs a Statue.mp3
    0178 A Cop Climbs Up and Can't Get Down.mp3
    0179 Cecil Recalls All of Sally's Sins.mp3
    0180 Cecil Has a Headache.mp3
    0189 Cecil Decides To Go Shoe-Shopping with Sally, Part 2.mp3
    0190 Sally Has a Hole in Her Stocking, Part 2.mp3
    0191 All the Things Sally Hates.mp3
    0192 Sally Has a Trade - Last for Cecil.mp3
    0193 Sally Wants To Play Checkers.mp3
    0194 Cecil Won't Admit Defeat.mp3
    0195 Cecil Gets a Dog.mp3
    0196 Cecil Brings Nero Over To Sally's House.mp3
    0197 Nero Meets Sugarpie.mp3
    0198 Sally Speaks High-Class English.mp3
    0199 Uncle Thomas Doesn't Approve of High-Class Speech.mp3
    0200 Sally Wants Everything But Settles for a Movie.mp3
    0201 Sally Tries To Attract Cecil.mp3
    0202 The Snip and the Sissy.mp3
    0203 Pretending Not To Fight In Front of Uncle Thomas.mp3
    0204 Sally Can Read Character from Facial Features.mp3
    0205 Sally Wants Two Goldfish.mp3
    0206 Sally's Goldfish Disappears.mp3
    0207 Sugarpie Ate the Goldfish.mp3
    0208 Sally Tries To Reserve a Seat for Uncle Thomas.mp3

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