Calling All Cars, Vol. 1 (54)
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    Episode Log
    33-12-06 Burma White Case.mp3
    33-12-13 York Gang Holdup.mp3
    33-12-20 Human Bomb.mp3
    33-12-27 Cookie Vegar Killing.mp3
    34-01-03 Missing Mexican Sheiks.mp3
    34-01-10 Caliente Money Car Holdup.mp3
    34-01-17 Sheele Kidnapping Case.mp3
    34-01-24 Grooved Bullets.mp3
    34-01-31 Castor Oil Diamond Robbery.mp3
    34-02-07 Smashed Windshield.mp3
    34-02-14 Times Bombing Case.mp3
    34-02-21 Mae West Jewel Robbery.mp3
    34-03-18 Spinoza Case.mp3
    34-03-21 Dillinger Case.mp3
    34-05-02 Murder at Southgate.mp3
    34-05-09 Little Phil Alquin.mp3
    34-05-30 Dinner Party Bandits.mp3
    34-06-06 Big Mail Robbery.mp3
    34-06-13 Murder of a Soul.mp3
    34-06-20 One of the Finest.mp3
    34-06-27 Power and Light Holdup.mp3
    34-07-04 July 4th is a Radio Car.mp3
    34-07-25 Execution of Dillinger.mp3
    34-08-01 Nitroglycerin Parson.mp3
    34-08-08 Corpse in the Desert.mp3
    34-08-15 Crooks are Human Beings.mp3
    34-08-22 You Can't Kill a Cop.mp3
    34-08-29 Let the Sucker Pay.mp3
    34-09-05 Marks on the Bedroom Screen.mp3
    34-09-12 Human Monkey.mp3
    34-09-19 Ruth Judd Case.mp3
    34-09-26 Stop That Carl.mp3
    34-10-02 Skid Row Dope Ring.mp3
    34-10-09 Unwritten Law.mp3
    34-10-16 One Way Ride.mp3
    34-10-23 Trouser Cuff Clue.mp3
    34-10-30 Perfect Crime.mp3
    34-11-06 Six Shots at Midnight.mp3
    34-11-13 A Thousand Pieces of Paper.mp3
    34-11-20 Death for a Diamond Ring.mp3
    34-11-27 Sometimes People Aren't Murdered (record skips).mp3
    34-12-04 Don't Get Chummy With a Watchman.mp3
    34-12-11 A Cup of Coffee, Some Strychnine too.mp3
    34-12-18 Moving Picture Murder.mp3
    34-12-25 Human Side of a Cop.mp3
    35-01-01 Highlights of 1934.mp3
    35-01-08 Crime Does Not Pay.mp3
    35-01-15 Two Against Six.mp3
    35-01-22 San Quentin Prison Break.mp3
    35-05-07 Wilting Chrysanthemum.mp3
    35-07-30 Gun Drunk.mp3
    35-08-07 Celestial Journey.mp3
    35-08-14 Vegetable Market Murder.mp3
    35-08-21 Grinning Skull.mp3

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