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Bold Venture, Vol. 2 (29)
<a href="">Bold Venture, Vol. 2 (29)</a>
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: BOLDV2
    Price: $6.00
    Episode Log
    29 511008 Slate Shannon Held for Ransom.mp3
    30 511015 Camellias and a Ruby.mp3
    31 511022 Passage for Mario Carada.mp3
    32 511029 Darby and Joan, Inc. (aka Darby and Joan Lonely Hearts, Inc.).mp3
    33 511105 Mutineers of the SS Marino Victory.mp3
    34 511112 Bold Venture Stolen (aka Slate Framed for Refinery Robbery).mp3
    35 511119 Slate's Stolen DaVinci.mp3
    36 511126 Paolo Framed for Jewel Robbery (aka Supapo's Greed).mp3
    37 511203 Cruise To Batabano (aka Emilio Lopez Story).mp3
    38 511210 Slate's Stolen Identity (aka Alice Ramsey Kills Husband).mp3
    39 511217 Tabard of Pizarro (aka Alice Markel Poisoning).mp3
    40 519999 Escape from Guantanamo (aka Paul Brewer Story).mp3
    41 599999 Crazy Old Carlo (aka Carlos and Juan Ruiz Story).mp3
    42 599999 Innocent In Trujillo.mp3
    43 529999 An Invitation To Death.mp3
    44 529999 Background Shots Can Kill You.mp3
    45 529999 Revenge Equals Murder Times Two.mp3
    46 529999 A Backstabbing at Shannon's Place (aka The Laughing Sailor).mp3
    47 529999 I'm Going To Die (aka Isle of Pines).mp3
    48 529999 The One That Got Away (aka Matt Jeffrey Dies).mp3
    49 599999 Man from Sumatra (aka Welcome Back To Civilization).mp3
    50 599999 The Big KO (aka Joe Ryan Shot; Ruthie Ryan's Father).mp3
    51 599999 El Indio (aka El Indio Returns).mp3
    52 599999 Diamond Fencing and Fisticuffs.mp3
    53 599999 Revenge Is Sweet (aka Robbery By Joe Ralston).mp3
    54 599999 Haven's Venezuelan Isle (aka Runaway Wife; Tiny Haven).mp3
    55 599999 With Friends Like These (aka Death of Rudy Keijon; Fetsui Jade).mp3
    56 599999 Marriage and Murder (aka Sailor Duval's Husband).mp3
    60 599999 Senor Rufio's Legacy of Death.mp3

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