Blue Beetle (25)
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    Episode Log
    Blue Beetle Eps.01-02 Origin and Drug Ring 40-05-15.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.03-04 Sabotoge and Liquidation 40-05-17 .mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.05-06 Murder For Profit 40-05-22.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.07-08 Blasting Dynamite Gang 40-05-29.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.09-10 Invisible Ghost.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.11-12 Death Rides Horseback.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.13-14 Death Strikes 40-06-05.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.15-16 Sea Serpent 40-06-07.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.17-18 Frame Up 40-06-11.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.19-20 Spirits Don't Talk.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.21-22 Thoroughbreds Come Through.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.23-24 Smashing the Arson Ring.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.25-26 Rounding Up the Payroll Bandits.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.27-28 Crime Incorportaed.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.29-30 Saved by a Hair.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.31-32 Finesse in Diamonds.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.33-34 Sabotage Incorporated.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.35-36 Smashing the Restaurant Racket.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.37-38 Two Rackets in One.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.39-40 Underworld Goes Underground.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.41-42 Dancing Ghost of Rocky Hill.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.43-44 Whale of Pirates Folly.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.45-46 Asylum of Doctor Drear.mp3
    Blue Beetle Eps.47-48 Jewel Mystery of Channel Island.mp3
    Blue Beetle Saved by a Hair.mp3

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