Best of W. C. Fields (22)
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    Episode Log
    01 Biography In Sound 560228 W. C. Fields.mp3
    02 Edgar Bergen 370606 Rogers and Hart.mp3
    03 Edgar Bergen 370905 Lupino and Eddy.mp3
    04 Edgar Bergen 410921 W. C. Fields.mp3
    05 Edgar Bergen 421102 W. C. Fields.mp3
    06 Edgar Bergen 421108 W. C. Fields.mp3
    07 Edgar Bergen 440220 Edgar's Birthday.mp3
    08 Edgar Bergen 460324 Barbershop.mp3
    09 Lux Radio Theater 380307 Poppy.mp3
    10 The Big Broadcast of 1938 Bob Hope.mp3
    11 W. C. Fields 381022.mp3
    12 W. C. Fields Baby Leroy.mp3
    13 W. C. Fields Beebee Gun Prohibition.mp3
    14 W. C. Fields Math Problems.mp3
    15 W. C. Fields Promotions Unlimited.mp3
    16 W. C. Fields The Day I Drank Water.mp3
    17 W. C. Fields The Glass of Water.mp3
    18 W. C. Fields The Rattlesnake.mp3
    19 W. C. Fields The Talking Seal.mp3
    20 W. C. Fields The Temperance Lecture.mp3
    21 Whatever Became Of 711012 Carlota Monti, Mistress.mp3
    22 Your Hit Parade 381022 Mulberry Bush.mp3

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