Best of Peter Lorre (40)
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    Episode Log
    01 Abbott and Costello 440113 Visit To Sanitarium.mp3
    02 Amos 'n' Andy 431105 Locked Trunk's Secret.mp3
    03 Big Show 520309 With Fibber McGee, Peter Lorre.mp3
    04 Bing Crosby 471112 Peter Lorre, Kay Thompson.mp3
    05 Dinah Shore Birdseye 460509.mp3
    06 Duffy's Tavern 431019 Missing Salami Sandwich Case.mp3
    07 Fred Allen 430103 Peter Lorre One Long Pan vs. Mr. Moto.mp3
    08 Inner Sanctum 410525 Death Is a Joker.mp3
    09 Inner Sanctum 430307 The Black Seagull.mp3
    10 Jack Benny 410309 Murder At Racquet Club.mp3
    11 Jack Benny 460224 Palm Springs Shopping.mp3
    12 Martin and Lewis 490508.mp3
    13 Molle Mystery Theater 440411 031 Criminal At Large.mp3
    14 Molle Mystery Theater 441212 1063 Bottle Imp.mp3
    15 Molle Mystery Theater 441226 1065 The Letter.mp3
    16 Mr. and Mrs. North - Frisby Klisby Case.mp3
    17 Mystery In the Air 470807 e1 Marv Barrastro.mp3
    18 Mystery In the Air 470814 e2 The Lodger.mp3
    19 Mystery In the Air 470821 e3 The Horla.mp3
    20 Mystery In the Air 470828 e4 Beyond Good and Evil.mp3
    21 Mystery In the Air 470904 e5 Mask Of Medusa.mp3
    22 Mystery In the Air 470911 e6 Queen Of Spades.mp3
    23 Mystery In the Air 470918 e7 The Black Cat.mp3
    24 Mystery In the Air 470925 e8 Crime and Punishment.mp3
    25 Mystery Playhouse - Gangster Douglas Grant.mp3
    26 Mystery Playhouse - Last Laugh Murder.mp3
    27 Mystery Playhouse - Mr. Randall's Discovery.mp3
    28 Mystery Playhouse - The Whistler - Doctor Prescribes Death.mp3
    29 Mystery Playhouse 450424 The Cask Of Amontillado.mp3
    30 Mystery Playhouse Crime To Fit Punishment.mp3
    31 Screen Guild Theater 430920 Maltese Falcon.mp3
    32 Skippy's Mystery Theater 386 Mr. God Johnson.mp3
    33 Spotlight Review 481210 Spike Jones.mp3
    34 Suspense 021 421215 'Til Death Do Us Part.mp3
    35 Suspense 430119 025 Devil's Saint.mp3
    36 Suspense 430420 038 Moment Of Darkness.mp3
    37 Suspense 431223 071 Back for Christmas.mp3
    38 Suspense 440720 101 Of Maestro and Men.mp3
    39 Suspense 450830 156 Nobody Loves Me.mp3
    40 Texaco Star Theater 440604 65 The Killers.mp3

    Picture List

    Bogart Gordon Carveth Lorre CONFIDENTAL AGENT 45.jpg
    Bogart Lorre CASABLANCA 42.jpg
    Bogart Lorre MALTESE FALCON 41.jpg
    Bogart Lorre Mary Astor Greenstreet MALTESE FALCON 41.jpg
    Bogart Mary Astor Lorre MALTESE FALCON 41.jpg
    Bogart, Peter Lorre-CASABLANCA (1942).jpg
    Lorre Bob Allen CRIME AND PUNISHMENT 35.jpg
    Lorre Casablanca.jpg
    Lorre CROSS OF LORRAINE 43.jpg
    Lorre early publicity still.jpg
    Lorre Humphrey Bogart MALTESE FALCON 41 1.jpg
    Lorre Humphrey Bogart MALTESE FALCON 41 2.jpg
    Lorre Humphrey Bogart on board ship.jpg
    Lorre Joan Crawford Strange Cargo.jpg
    Lorre John Carradine THANK YOU MR.MOTO 38.jpg
    Lorre Keye Luke MAD LOVE publicity still.jpg
    Lorre Keye Luke MR. MOTO'S GAMBLE 38.jpg
    Lorre Lon Chaney Jr. MY FAVORITE BRUNETTE 47.jpg
    Lorre M by Fritz Lang 31.jpg
    Lorre MAD LOVE publicity still.jpg
    Lorre Mr.Moto movie snapshot 1 lorre stunt double.jpg
    Lorre Mr.Moto movie snapshot 2.jpg
    Lorre Mr.Moto movie still 1.jpg
    Lorre Mr.Moto movie still 2.jpg
    Lorre Mr.Moto publicity still.jpg
    Lorre Mr.Moto.jpg
    Lorre Nazi uniform 2.jpg
    Lorre Nazi uniform.jpg
    Lorre publicity still 1.jpg
    Lorre publicity still 2.jpg
    Lorre publicity still 3.jpg
    Lorre publicity still 4.jpg
    Lorre publicity still 5.jpg
    Lorre publicity still 6.jpg
    Lorre publicity still 7.jpg
    Lorre Rope of Sand.jpg
    Lorre Slimane in Casbah.jpg
    Lorre THANK YOU MR. MOTO 38 1.jpg
    Lorre THANK YOU MR. MOTO 38 2.jpg
    Lorre with Vincent Price circa 1950 1.jpg
    Lorre with Vincent Price circa 1950 2.jpg
    Mary Astor, Bogart, Peter Lorre-THE MALTESE FALCON (1941).jpg
    Peter Lorre, John Carradine -THANK YOU MR.MOTO (1938).jpg
    THINK FAST MR.MOTO 37 movie poster.jpg

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