Best of Ginny Simms (20)
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    Episode Log
    450218 Charlie McCarthy Show - Ginny Simms and Veronica Lake.mp3
    Command Performance 420514 E. G. Robinson and Ginny Simms.mp3
    Command Performance 431227 Fred Allen, Ginny Simms, Benny Goodman.mp3
    Command Performance 440722 Ronald Colman, Ginny Simms, Cary Grant.mp3
    Command Performance 440826 Fred Allen, Jack Benny Ginny Simms.mp3
    Command Performance 441125 Ginny Simms, Larry Adler, Diana Lynn.mp3
    Command Performance 451224 Special Christmas Show.mp3
    Dinah Shore Show 440224 with Ginny Simms.mp3
    Dinah Shore Show 450419 Ginny Sims subs for Groucho Marx.mp3
    GI JIVE AFRS 417 Ginny Simms - I'm Like A Fish Out Of Water.mp3
    GI JIve Christmas Special 431225 The Christmas Package.mp3
    Guest Star Radio 033 Ginny Simms.mp3
    Mail Call 440927 Ginny Simms, Jimmy Durante.mp3
    Mail Call 450418 Ginny Simms.mp3
    Screen Guild Theater 440403 190 Hello, Frisco, Hello.mp3
    Sinatra Sings 451010 Guests Ginny Simms and Frances Langford.mp3
    The Tide Show 460104 Eddie Cantor.mp3
    The Tide Show 520610 'Let's Get Away From it All'.mp3
    The Tide Show 520612 'I Want a Girl Just Like the Girl'.mp3
    Your Hit Parade 1943 Medley with Ross, Ginny Simms Dinah Shore.mp3

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