Best of Dane Clark (19)
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    Episode Log
    Cavalcade of America 470210 Voice of the Wizard.mp3
    Columbia Presents Corwin 440704 Home for the Fourth.mp3
    Crime & Peter Chambers 540406 The Burke Murder Frame Up.mp3
    Crime & Peter Chambers 540413 Charles Avon, Druggist.mp3
    Crime & Peter Chambers 540420 The Cemetery Attack.mp3
    Crime & Peter Chambers 540427 Joan Bradley.mp3
    Crime & Peter Chambers 540511 Old Man Krause.mp3
    Crime & Peter Chambers 540713 The Masquerade Murder Party.mp3
    Crime & Peter Chambers 540831 Claire Connely.mp3
    Family Theater 490713 Moby Dick.mp3
    NBC University Theater 481205 Three Soldiers.mp3
    Suspense 430902 Singing Walls.mp3
    Suspense 440217 Life Ends At Midnight.mp3
    Suspense 450405 A Guy Gets Lonely.mp3
    Suspense 450823 This Will Kill You.mp3
    Suspense 460919 Till the Day I Die.mp3
    The Fifth Horseman 460808 Dooms Day.mp3
    Theater of Romance 450619 Love In News.mp3
    We Hold These Truths 411215 Norman Corwin.mp3

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