Best of Count Basie (31)
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    Episode Log
    01 Bands Count Basie 440604 One Night Stand 269 Hotel Lincoln.mp3
    02 Bands Count Basie 450129 One Night Stand 551.mp3
    03 Bands Count Basie 460726 One Night Stand 1111.mp3
    04 Bands Count Basie 460802 One Night Stand 1142.mp3
    05 Bands Count Basie 460809 One Night Stand 1185.mp3
    06 Bands Count Basie One Night Stand - Diggin' For Dex.mp3
    07 Count Basie 400220.mp3
    08 Count Basie 530101.mp3
    09 Count Basie American Dances 380706.mp3
    10 Count Basie NBC Remote - Chicago Blue Note Club 530208.mp3
    11 Count Basie On CBS - 40th Anniversary Dance Party 671231.mp3
    12 Count Basie Remote - Birdland 5th Anniversary 541216.mp3
    13 Count Basie Remote from Birdland 530106.mp3
    14 Count Basie Remote from Birdland 530108.mp3
    15 Count Basie Remote from Birdland 530113.mp3
    16 Count Basie Remote from Birdland 551106.mp3
    17 Count Basie Remote from Birdland 561230.mp3
    18 Count Basie Remote from Birdland 570210.mp3
    19 Count Basie Remote from Southland 400220.mp3
    20 Count Basie Remote from the Los Angeles Avadon Ballroom.mp3
    21 Down Beat 145 Count Basie.mp3
    22 Jubilee 028 Count Basie, Jimmy Rushing.mp3
    23 Jubilee 055 Count Basie, Teddy Wilson.mp3
    24 Jubilee 206 Count Basie.mp3
    25 Jubilee 245 Count Basie, Ella Mae Morse.mp3
    26 Jubilee 269 Count Basie.mp3
    27 Jubilee 270 Count Basie.mp3
    28 Jubilee 1944 Count Basie 1.mp3
    29 Jubilee 1944 Count Basie 2.mp3
    30 Jubilee 1944 Count Basie 3.mp3
    31 Stars On Parade 5110 Count Basie.mp3

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