Best of Boris Karloff (42)
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    Episode Log
    571200 Special Christmas Message To Station Owners.mp3
    Bill Stern - Guest Boris Karloff.mp3
    Bing Crosby 471029 Boris Karloff.mp3
    Boris Karloff's Treasure Room 501126 Johnny Appleseed.mp3
    Creeps by Night - The Hunt.mp3
    Creeps by Night 440502 Final Reckoning.mp3
    Duffy's Tavern 511005 Duffy Wants To Sell Tavern.mp3
    Duffy's Tavern Boris Karloff In a Play To Buy War Bonds.mp3
    EBCM 451028 Court Case with Edgar Bergen.mp3
    Fred Allen 451108 Boris Karloff Renting a Room.mp3
    Helen Hayes Theater 451208 Angel Street.mp3
    Information, Please 410124 Boris Karloff and Louis E. Lawes.mp3
    Information, Please 420220 James Carradine, Boris Karloff.mp3
    Information, Please 430517 Jan Struther, Boris Karloff.mp3
    Inner Sanctum 410525 Death Is a Joker.mp3
    Inner Sanctum 410803 The Tell-Tale Heart.mp3
    Inner Sanctum 420503 Study for Murder.mp3
    Inner Sanctum 451023 The Corridor of Doom.mp3
    Inner Sanctum 451106 Wailing Wall.mp3
    Inner Sanctum 520622 Birdsong for a Murderer.mp3
    Inner Sanctum 520712 Death for Sale.mp3
    Jack Benny 470119 I Was Condemned.mp3
    Kraft Music Hall 471225 With Boris Karloff.mp3
    Lights Out 380323 The Dream.mp3
    Lights Out 380406 Cat Wife.mp3
    Lights Out 470716 Death Robbery.mp3
    Martlin and Lewis 520418 Guest Boris Karloff.mp3
    NBC University Theater 481017 History of Mr. Polly.mp3
    Readers Digest 571216 Chung Ling Soo.mp3
    Readers Digest 571217 Shakespeare's Hom.mp3
    Readers Digest 571218 Story of Wood.mp3
    Readers Digest 571219 Dr. Harvey Cushing.mp3
    Readers Digest 571220 The White House.mp3
    Sealtest 481028 07 Happy Halloween.mp3
    Sealtest 490623 39 The Stranger Arrives.mp3
    Shell Chateau 350831 Georgia Weathern.mp3
    Spike Jones 490409 Boris Karloff.mp3
    Suspense 450125 Drury's Bones.mp3
    Theater Guild On the Air 451111 10 Where the Cross Is Made.mp3
    Theater Guild On the Air 501224 55 David Copperfield.mp3

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