Best of Bogart (23)
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    Episode Log
    40-01-07 Screen Guild Petrified Forest.mp3
    41-11-02 Screen Guild Amazing Dr Clitterhouse.mp3
    43-01-25 Screen Guild Across the Pacific.mp3
    43-04-26 Screen Guild Casablanca.mp3
    43-09-12 Charlie McCarthy Show - Bogart.mp3
    43-09-20 Screen Guild The Maltese Falcon.mp3
    44-04-17 Screen Guild High Sierra.mp3
    44-11-10 Democratic National Committee.mp3
    44-12-19 Theater of Romance Casablanca.mp3
    45-03-08 Suspense Love Lovely Counterfeit.mp3
    45-03-15 Command Performance Bacall - Bogart.mp3
    45-08-30 Command Performance Sinatra - Bogart.mp3
    45-09-11 Theater of Romance Conflict.mp3
    45-12-18 Theater of Romance One Way Passage.mp3
    46-07-03 Academy Award Theater Maltese Falcon.mp3
    47-01-05 Jack Benny Guest Show.mp3
    49-09-17 Bogart Presents Audition Dead Man.mp3
    52-05-03 Stars In the Air House on 92 nd Street.mp3
    Lux Radio 39-04-16 0215 Bullets Or Ballots.mp3
    Lux Radio 45-04-30 0482 Moontide.mp3
    Lux Radio 46-10-14 0542 To Have And Have Not.mp3
    Lux Radio 49-04-18 0655 Treasure Of The Sierra Madre.mp3
    Lux Radio 52-12-15 0808 The African Queen.mp3

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