Best of Hitchcock, Vol.1(35)
<a href=""> Best of Hitchcock, Vol.1(35)
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    Episode Log

    Acadmy Award Theater 460724 Foreign Correspondent.mp3                             

    Academy Award Theater 460911 Shadow of a Doubt.mp3                                  

    Academy Award Theater 461030.mp3                                                   

    Alfred Hitchcock Presents - The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot.mp3  

    Alfred Hitchcock Presents - The Secret of Terror Castle.mp3           

    Alfred Hitchcock Show 480921 Malice Aforethought (poor sound).mp3     

    Matinee Theater 441126 Mr. and Mrs. Smith.mp3                         

    Information, Please 430122 Alfred Hitchcock.mp3                       

    Information, Please 410627 Alfred Hitchcock.mp3                        

    Hollywood Sound Stage 520110 Shadow of a Doubt.mp3                    

    Hollywood Radio Theater 530921 I Confess.mp3                          

    Forecast 400722 When You Were Twenty-one.mp3                          

    Campbell Playhouse 381209 Rebecca.mp3                                 

    CBS Stage Series 479999 The 39 Steps.mp3                              

    CBSRMT 740513 090 The Lodger.mp3                                      

    CBSRMT 751201 With Malice Aforethought.mp3                             

    Escape 480201 Vanishing Lady.mp3                                      

    Escape 540710 The Birds.mp3                                           

    Hwd Radio Theater 530720 The Birds.mp3                                

    Hwd Startime 460519 The Lodger.mp3                                    

    Jack Benny 481017 Sorry, Wrong Number.mp3                             

    Lux 371213 The 39 Steps.mp3                                           

    Lux 410302 Rebecca.mp3                                                 

    Lux 420504 Suspicion.mp3                                              

    Lux 440103 Shadow of a Doubt.mp3                                      

    Lux 440918 Suspicion.mp3                                              

    Lux 480126 Notorious.mp3                                              

    Lux 480308 Spellbound.mp3                                             

    Lux 490509 The Paradine Case.mp3                                      

    Lux 500109 Sorry, Wrong Number.mp3                                     

    Lux 501106 Rebecca.mp3                                                

    Lux 511203 Strangers On a Train.mp3                                   

    Matinee Theater 450121 Rebecca.mp3                                    

    Mercury Theatre 380801 The 39 Steps.mp3                               

    Mystery In the Air 470814 The Lodger.mp3  

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