Aunt Mary, Vol. 5 (81)
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    Episode Log
    (525) Brett Told of New Developments.mp3
    (526) Bill Told of Mr. Bergman.mp3
    (527) Planning Ben's Death.mp3
    (528) Ben Has Another Attack (no intro).mp3
    (529) Jessie Refills Prescription.mp3
    (530) Lefty Receives Package.mp3
    (531) Peggy and Lily Talk about Randy.mp3
    (532) Randy Curious about Lefty.mp3
    (533) Randy Talks about Lily.mp3
    (534) Talking about the Bergman Tragedy.mp3
    (535) Brett Given Ultimatum.mp3
    (536) Randy Eager To See Kit.mp3
    (537) Bill Comments On Peggy's Matchmaking.mp3
    (538) Randy Visits Kit.mp3
    (539) Lefty's Secret Revealed.mp3
    (540) Ben Spreads Gossip.mp3
    (541) Lily Seems To Agree with Peggy.mp3
    (542) Randy Loses Mr. Bergman's Business.mp3
    (543) Randy Talks To Mr. Bergman.mp3
    (544) Ben Will Handle the Sale.mp3
    (545) Jessie To Visit Randy's Office.mp3
    (546) Aunt Mary Talks To the Bergmans.mp3
    (547) Lefty Told.mp3
    (548) Worried about Randy's Temper.mp3
    (549) Randy and Ben Argue.mp3
    (550) Brett and Jessie Argue.mp3
    (551) Randy Tells of His Visit To Ben's Office.mp3
    (552) Lefty Advises Against Telling Randy.mp3
    (553) Randy Told.mp3
    (554) Randy Returns Home.mp3
    (555) Plan To Make Randy Jealous.mp3
    (556) Brett Is Disgusted with His Situation.mp3
    (557) Jessie Interrupts Brett's Luncheon.mp3
    (558) Jessie Stays for Lunch.mp3
    (559) Lily Suspects the Truth.mp3
    (560) Randy Gives Lily a Ride.mp3
    (561) New Roommate In Prison.mp3
    (562) Kit Talks To Her Roommate.mp3
    (563) Kit Won't Get a Parole Hearing.mp3
    (564) Randy and Peggy Talk.mp3
    (565) Aunt Mary Asked To Visit Kitt.mp3
    (566) Aunt Mary Visits Kit.mp3
    (567) Brett Drops by the Calvert's.mp3
    (568) Aunt Mary Has Doubts about Kit.mp3
    (569) Dinner at the Supper Club.mp3
    (570) Kit Talks To Dr. Whitney.mp3
    (571) Randy Has a Real Estate Idea.mp3
    (572) Aunt Mary To See Dr. Laraby.mp3
    (573) Dr. Whitney Talks To Dr. Laraby.mp3
    (574) David Told of Real Estate Plan.mp3
    (575) Kit Cut Out of Ben's Will.mp3
    (576) Dr. Whitney Changes His Mind About Kit.mp3
    (577) Randy Excited about Real Estate.mp3
    (578) Brett Told of Proposed Changes.mp3
    (579) Brett and Jessie Talk.mp3
    (580) Peggy Receives House Plans.mp3
    (581) Randy Asked If He Is In Love with Kit.mp3
    (582) Lefty Will Loan Randy Two Thousand.mp3
    (583) Lefty Wants His Interest To Go To Principal.mp3
    (584) Kit Talks To Dr. Whitney.mp3
    (585) Kit Hears Rumor about Randy.mp3
    (586) Jessie Brings Up the Past.mp3
    (587) Mrs. Emerson and Dr. Whitney Discuss.mp3
    (588) Brett Won't Tell Jessie His Plan.mp3
    (589) Dr. Whitney Will Continue To See Kit.mp3
    (590) Dr. Whitney Will Help Kit (no intro).mp3
    (591) Lily Sees the Dream House.mp3
    (592) Ben Offers To Buy the Dream House.mp3
    (593) Brett Plans to Kill Ben.mp3
    (594) Jessie To Call Ben's Lawyer.mp3
    (595) Sets Price of Dream House.mp3
    (596) Invitation To David's for Refreshments.mp3
    (597) Kit Questions David about Randy.mp3
    (598) Dr. Whitney Will See Ben.mp3
    (599) Worried about Selling the House.mp3
    (600) Having Lunch with the Howards.mp3
    (601) Ben Asked To See Kit.mp3
    (602) Model House Sold.mp3
    (603) Dr. Whitney Talks To Ben.mp3
    (604) Kit Told of Ben's Refusal.mp3
    (999) The Calvers Discuss the Trial.mp3

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