Assorted Old-Time Radio, V.1 (80)
<a href="">Assorted Old-Time Radio, V.1 (80)
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    Episode Log
    07 To the Pacific.mp3
    11 Clark and the Horse Thieves.mp3
    380815 Mercury Theater 38-08-15 Abraham Lincoln.mp3
    43-04-22 Bob Burns.mp3
    43-04-29 Bob Burns.mp3
    A Date with Judy 440801 Father's Birthday.mp3
    A Date with Judy 450206 w Joseph Cotton.mp3
    Abbott and Costello 42 10 15 Bank Robbery Marlene Dietrich.mp3
    Baby Snooks Show 46 11 01 Halloween.mp3
    Bands Count Basie 45-01-29 One Night Stand 551.mp3
    Bands Count Basie 46-08-02 One Night Stand 1142.mp3
    Bergen 381030 Charlie's Halloween Party-Madeline Carroll.mp3
    Bergen and McCarthy 441029 Halloween with Orson Welles.mp3
    Bob Hope Skit Halloween.mp3
    Bulldog Drummond - Death Loops the Loop.mp3
    Burns and Allen Show 45-01-15 Alan Ladd.mp3
    Burns and Allen Show 49-03-17 Marlene Dietrich.mp3
    CBSRMT 740106 ep0001 - The Old Ones Are Hard To Kill (edited) Agnes Morehead.mp3
    CBSRMT 75 03 18 ep0241 It's Murder Mr. Lincoln.mp3
    CBSRMT 82 04 28 ep1321 The Ghost of Andersonville.mp3
    Columbia Presents Corwin 450814 07 Fourteen August.mp3
    Command Performance 430220 (053) Francis Langford.mp3
    Command Performance 450329 (168) Bob Hope.mp3
    Command Performance 45-06-14 179 Bob Hope Ann Rutherford Alan Ladd.mp3
    Dinah Shore Show 440224 with Ginny Simms.mp3
    Down Beat #145 w Count Basie.mp3
    Duffy's Tavern 1949 03 02 Marlene Dietrich.mp3
    Everything For The Boys 440425 (15) Death Takes a Holiday.mp3
    Everything For The Boys 440509 (17) This Above All.mp3
    Family Theater 520910 The Leading Lady.mp3
    Family Theater 540210 It's Not the Money.mp3
    fm470513 Smuggled Irish Tweed.mp3
    GI Journal 000000 179 Bob Hope Ann Rutherford Alan Ladd.mp3
    Good News of 1938 380414 e024 Guest Freddie Bartholemew Judy Garland.mp3
    Good News of 1938 380505 e027 Guests Clark Gable and Judy Garland.mp3
    Hallmark 48-10-28 Ohalloran's Luck.mp3
    Inner Sanctum 520720 The Listener.mp3
    ISIRTA 660314 s2e01 britain for the british ireland.mp3
    Kraft Music Hall (Al Jolson) 48-03-04 Cary Grant.mp3
    LA480721 Abner Must Marry Lizabeth All over Again.mp3
    LA480722 Remodeling the Tuxedo for the Wedding.mp3
    LA480723 Discussing Plans for Abner's Wedding.mp3
    Leo is on the Air Bells of St. Mary's (1945).mp3
    Les Paul Show 500505 Starring Les Paul and Mary Ford .mp3
    Les Paul Show 500519 Starring Les Paul and Mary Ford.mp3
    Let George 540927 Ghost of Ireland Betty.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 1944 01 24 0424 Casablanca Alan Ladd.mp3
    LuxRadioTheater 380131 (0161) Green Light with Errol Flynn.mp3
    LuxRadioTheater 400304 (0253) Trade Winds with Errol Flynn.mp3
    LUXT 37-03-08 EP123 MADAME BUTTERFLY.mp3
    Mail Call 440927 Ginny Simms, Jimmy Durante.mp3
    Manhunt 1945 0012 The Clue of the Contradicting Confessions.mp3
    Manhunt 1945 0013 The Clue of the Magazine Murder.mp3
    NBC Music 38 12 02 Jan Savitt & His Tophatters.mp3
    NBC Music 40 02 26 Ella Fitzgerald.mp3
    NBC Presents Short Story 510228 (02) Mr. Arqularis.mp3
    NBC Presents Short Story 510307 (03) Crazy Sunday.mp3
    Radio Reader's Digest 47-03-13 (054) Sweet Rosie O'Grady.mp3
    Screen Directors' Playhouse 491031 (041) Remember the Night.mp3
    Screen Directors' Playhouse 501214 (081) The Lady Gambles.mp3
    Screen Guild Theater 430531 146 Rebecca.mp3
    Screen Guild Theater 490421 421 The Blue Dahlia Alan Ladd.mp3
    Screen Guild Theater 491124 440 Suspicion.mp3
    Silver Theater 381211 Broken Prelude (Part 1).mp3
    Silver Theater 381218 Broken Prelude (Part 2).mp3
    Sinatra Sings 451010 Guests Ginny Simms and Frances Langford.mp3
    Stars On Parade 5110 Count Basie.mp3
    Suspense 59 01 04 Don't Call Me Mother Agnes Morehead.mp3
    Suspense 43 05 25 Sorry Wrong Number AFRS Agnes Morehead.mp3
    Suspense 44 03 09 Ep 82 The Defense Rests Alan Ladd.mp3
    Suspense 49 03 03 Lovebirds Joan Fontaine.mp3
    Suspense ep376 50 03 16 Motive For Murder Alan Ladd.mp3
    Suspense ep705 57 06 30 Yellow Wallpaper Agnes Morehead.mp3

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