An OTR Thanksgiving (60)
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    Episode Log
    Abbott and Costello 431125 Thanksgiving Dinner.mp3
    Abbott and Costello 441123 Thanksgiving Dinner (Artie Auerbach).mp3
    Adventures of Sam Spade 501124 The Terrified Turkey Caper.mp3
    Aldrich Family 481125 Thanksgiving Dance and Turkey Run.mp3
    Aldrich Family 521123 The Last Turkey.mp3
    Amos and Andy 431119 Turkey Trouble.mp3
    Amos and Andy 491120 Kingfish's Turkey Trauma.mp3
    Amos and Andy 491127 TV Set Raffle.mp3
    Amos and Andy 501119 Thanksgiving Dinner.mp3
    Believe It Or Not (294) - Thanksgiving Feast.mp3
    Birdseye 451122 Groucho Brings a Live Turkey To Dinner.mp3
    BOTA Thanksgiving - The Fine Art of Giving.mp3
    Burns and Allen Show 401118 Thanksgiving Show.mp3
    Burns and Allen Show 421117 Gracie Buys a Live Turkey.mp3
    Casey, Crime Photographer 471127 After Turkey, The Bill.mp3
    Challenge of the Yukon 461128 (0459) Thanksgiving In the Wilderness.mp3
    Club 930 491124 Thanksgiving Show.mp3
    Command Performance 1944 Thanksgiving Special.mp3
    Command Performance 441125 (151).mp3
    Family Theater 471127 Home for Thanksgiving.mp3
    Family Theater 491123 Courtship of Miles.mp3
    Family Theater 530204 Home for Thanksgiving.mp3
    Father Knows Best 501123 Thanksgiving Show.mp3
    Father Knows Best 531126 Thanksgiving Dinner.mp3
    Fibber and Molly 571221 Thanksgiving.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 411116 ep012 Serviceman for Thanksgiving.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 421122 ep057 Thanksgiving B Ration Book.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 511121 - Inviting Thanksgiving Guest.mp3
    Honest Harold 501122 Thanksgiving Play.mp3
    Jack Benny 391119 - Ostrich for Thanksgiving.mp3
    Jack Benny 411123 Thanksgiving Day Dinner.mp3
    Jack Benny 431121 - Jack Dreams He Is a Turkey.mp3
    Jack Benny 441126 - How They Spent Thanksgioving.mp3
    Jack Benny 471123 Movie of Jack's Life - Thanksgiving Show.mp3
    Jack Benny 471130 - Turkey Dream.mp3
    Jack Benny 531129 - Thanksgiving Dinner.mp3
    Jack Benny 531129 Jack Buys a Turkey.mp3
    Jean Shepherd 681124 Thanksgiving WOR.mp3
    Jimmy Durante 461122 Thanksgiving Pilgrim Opera.mp3
    Jimmy Durante 471126 Preparing a Live Turkey for Thanksgiving.mp3
    Let George Do It 501120 Cause for Thanksgiving.mp3
    Life of Riley 441119 045 Turkey Hunt.mp3
    Life of Riley 471129 177 Thanksgiving with the Gillises.mp3
    Life With Luigi 491122 Thanksgiving Celebration.mp3
    Lum and Abner 451122 Everyone at Abner's House for Thanksgiving.mp3
    Lum and Abner 461128 Thanksgiving Day Show.mp3
    Lum and Abner 481121 Ezra Seestrunk's Cousin Rowena Has Thanksgiving Dinner.mp3
    Lum and Abner Chester the Turkey.mp3
    Mel Blanc 461126 Mel's Thanksgiving Dinner.mp3
    My Little Margie Thanksgiving Visitor.mp3
    Our Miss Brooks 491127 Thanksgiving Weekend.mp3
    Our Miss Brooks 501119 Thanksgiving Turkey.mp3
    Radio Reader's Digest 461128 (039) I Like to Remember George Sexton.mp3
    Radio Reader's Digest 470306 (053) Pete's Thanksgiving.mp3
    Radio Reader's Digest 471127 (090) Why Keep Your Heart In Cold Storage.mp3
    Sketch Stolen Turkey.mp3
    Stan Freberg 004 Thanksgiving Story.mp3
    Tarzan 511122 African Thanksgiving.mp3
    William S. Burroughs - A Thanksgiving Prayer.mp3
    Winston Churchill Speech 441123 America's Thanksgiving Day.mp3

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