An OTR Christmas, V. 6 (83)
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    Episode Log
    Roy Rogers 511221 Prodigal.mp3
    Roy Rogers 511228 The De Bona Gang.mp3
    Roy Rogers 521225 Night Before the Night Before Christmas.mp3
    Saint, The 501224 Christmas Jewel.mp3
    Scarlet Queen 471224 - 15th Llama and the Wise Guy From the East.mp3
    Screen Director's Playhouse 490508 It's a Wonderful Life Jimmy Stewart.mp3
    Screen Director's Playhouse 491223 (048) Miracle On 34th Street.mp3
    Screen Guild Players 430111 Holiday Inn.mp3
    Screen Guild Theater 391224 The Blue Bird.mp3
    Sealtest Variety Theater 481223 (15) Christmas Show.mp3
    Sergeant Preston Challenge of the Yukon Christmas Present.mp3
    Sergeant Preston Challenge of the Yukon The Seargent's Present.mp3
    Shadow 391224 Stockings Were Hung.mp3
    Shadow 401222 Joey's Christmas Story.mp3
    Sherlock Holmes 451224 Night Before Christmas (Rathbone-Bruce).mp3
    Sherlock Holmes 451224 The Night Before Christmas.mp3
    Sherlock Holmes 471221 Christmas Bride.mp3
    Sherlock Holmes 550313 The Blue Carbuncle.mp3
    Six Shooter 531220 Britt Ponset's Christmas Carol.mp3
    Space Patrol 541225 The Lost Galaxy.mp3
    Standard Hour 491223 with Jussi Bjoerling.mp3
    Stars Over Hollywood 511222 A Christmas Carol.mp3
    Stars Over Hollywood 531212 Time for Christmas.mp3
    Steptoe and Son (TV Audio) Christmas Party.mp3
    Steptoe and Son Away for Christmas.mp3
    Steptoe and Son Christmas Holiday.mp3
    Studio One 471223 Tainted Veils.mp3
    Suspense 431223 Back For Christmas with Peter Lorre.mp3
    Suspense 501221 (408) A Christmas for Carol.mp3
    Suspense 511224 'Twas the Night Before Christmas with Greer Garson.mp3
    Suspense 551206 When the Bough Breaks with S. Harris and V. Gregg.mp3
    Suspense 551213 A Present for Benny.mp3
    Suspense 560131 Arctic Rescue.mp3
    Suspense 561223 Back for Christmas.mp3
    Suspense 581221 Out for Christmas.mp3
    Suspense 591220 (843) A Korean Christmas Carol.mp3
    Suspense 611217 (905) Yuletide Miracle.mp3
    Suspense Dog Star.mp3
    Tales of the Texas Rangers 501224 Christmas Presents.mp3
    Tales of the Texas Rangers 511223 Christmas Pay Off.mp3
    Tarzan 511220 Congo Christmas.mp3
    Terry and the Pirates 411222 (056).mp3
    Terry and the Pirates 411223 (057).mp3
    Terry and the Pirates 411224 (058).mp3
    Terry and the Pirates 411225 (059) Christmas Presents Exchanged.mp3
    Terry and the Pirates 411226 (060).mp3
    Terry and the Pirates 461225 Chriasmas Show In Rhyme.mp3
    The Greatest Story Ever Told - Flight Into Egypt.mp3
    Theater 5 641224 The Wish Fullfillment Machine.mp3
    Theater of Romance - Richer By One Christmas.mp3
    Theater of Romance 451225 Messiah.mp3
    Theater Royale - A Christmas Carol.mp3
    This Is Your FBI 481224 Return of St. Nick.mp3
    This is Your FBI 501222.mp3
    This is Your FBI 511221 The Innocent Santa Claus.mp3
    Tom Mix (023) Christmas Show (re-creation).mp3
    Treasury Star Parade 421225 A Modern Scrooge.mp3
    Truth Or Consequences 471220 Christmas Show.mp3
    Tuning Across the Dial 531225 Tuning Across the Dial.mp3
    Vic and Sade 391121 Smelly Clark Solicits Christmas Gifts.mp3
    Vic and Sade 420806 Christmas Cards.mp3
    Vic and Sade 421027 Suggestions for Boss' Christmas Present.mp3
    Vic and Sade 431126 Choosing Christmas Present for Boss Again.mp3
    Vic and Sade 440918 Vic's Greeting Cards.mp3
    Whistler 421227 Double Cross.mp3
    Whistler 441225 (136) Christmas Bonus.mp3
    Whistler 471224 (295) Decision.mp3
    Whistler 481226 (346) Delayed Christmas Present.mp3
    Whistler 491225 Letter from Cynthia.mp3
    Whistler 501224 Three Wise Guys.mp3
    Word War II - A Public Announcement - Is This Trip Necessary.mp3
    Words at War 431019 Shortcut To Tokyo.mp3
    Words at War 441219 The Cross and the Arrow.mp3
    Words at War 441226 Christmas.mp3
    Words at War 441226 Scape Goats In History.mp3
    Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 551219 Nick Shurn Matter, Parts 1 - 3.mp3
    Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 551222 Nick Shurn Matter, Parts 4 - 5.mp3
    Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 561223 Missing Mouse.mp3
    Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 571222 Carmen Kringle.mp3
    Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 591213 Sudden Wealth.mp3
    Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 591220 Red Mystery.mp3

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