An OTR Christmas, V. 5 (85)
<a href="">An OTR Christmas, V. 5 (85)</
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    Episode Log
    Lux Radio Theater 371220 Song of Songs.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 381226 Snow White.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 391225 Pinocchio.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 411222 Remember the Night.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 440626 (0446) Christmas In July.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 450917 (0494) Christmas Holiday.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 451224 (0508) I'll Be Seeing You.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 461202 Meet Me In St. Louis.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 470310 It's a Wonderful Life - Jimmy Stewart.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 481220 (0638) Miracle On 34th Street.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 501225 Wizard of Oz.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 511210 The Lemon Drop Kid.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 530511 (0829) The Bishop's Wife.mp3
    Marriage 531220 Liz Gets a Christmas Job.mp3
    Matinee Theater 441224 (10) A Stable In Bethlehem Pennsylvania.mp3
    Mayor of the Town 421224 (013) Christmas Carol.mp3
    Mayor of the Town 421224 A Christmas Carol.mp3
    Mayor of the Town 480121 Burning Christmas Tree.mp3
    Mel Blanc 461210 Betty's Christmas Present.mp3
    Mel Blanc 461217 Christmas Shopping with Betty.mp3
    Mel Blanc 461224 Mel Plays Santa.mp3
    Milton Berle 471223 (042) Christmas.mp3
    Minnesota School of the Air 501218 The Lost Puppy.mp3
    Mutual 291224 Mutual Christmas Special.mp3
    Mutual A Christmas Carol.mp3
    Mutual My Son Is a Wise Man.mp3
    Mutual Radio Theater 800409 The Last of Scrooge.mp3
    Mutual The Special Christmas Show.mp3
    My Favorite Husband 481225 (024) Numerology.mp3
    My Favorite Husband George's Christmas Present.mp3
    My Favorite Husband The Sleigh Ride.mp3
    My Friend Irma 471222 Christmas Party.mp3
    My Little Margie 521221 Timmy's Christmas.mp3
    Mysterious Traveler 511225 (336) Christmas Story.mp3
    Nero Wolfe 501222 Slaughtered Santas.mp3
    Nero Wolfe 820213 Christmas Party.mp3
    New Edgar Bergen Hour 551225 Christmas Show.mp3
    Nick Carter 431225 Christmas Adventure.mp3
    Nightfall 801219 (024) On Christmas Day In the Morning.mp3
    Nightwatch 540524 (006) Santa Baby.mp3
    One Man's Family 491225 A Touch of Chrsitmas Spirit.mp3
    One Man's Family 501225 Christmas at the Barbour's.mp3
    Orson Welles Theatre 411200 Christmas Show.mp3
    Our Miss Brooks 491023 Exchanging Gifts.mp3
    Our Miss Brooks 491218 A Letter To Santa.mp3
    Our Miss Brooks 491225 Magic Christmas Tree.mp3
    Our Miss Brooks 501217 A Suit for Charity.mp3
    Our Miss Brooks 501231 Returning Christmas Presents.mp3
    Ozzie and Harriet 481212 Worrying.mp3
    Ozzie and Harriet 481219 Christmas Gifts.mp3
    Ozzie and Harriet 531225 The Lost Christmas Gift.mp3
    Ozzie and Harriet The Christmas Present Agreement.mp3
    Paramount Christmas with Jack Benny, Fred Allen.mp3
    Passing Parade Special Presentation 431200 Story of Christmas Seals.mp3
    Paul Whitemans ABC Christmas Party 461224.mp3
    Phil Harris 491211 Mink Coat.mp3
    Phil Harris 491218 City Hall Christmas Tree.mp3
    Phil Harris 500101 Singing Lessons.mp3
    Phil Harris and Alice Faye 491225 Christmas.mp3
    Phil Harris and Alice Faye 481219 Visit from Santa with Jack Benny.mp3
    Phil Harris and Alice Faye 481226 Broken Christmas Gift.mp3
    Phil Harris Hiring Santa Claus.mp3
    Philco Radio Time 471224 Christmas Show Mel Torme.mp3
    President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Christmas Fireside Chat 431224.mp3
    Proctor and Gamble 461225 Christmas Day In America.mp3
    Quiz Kids 481219 Christmas Special.mp3
    Radio Advice for Christmas Health 421226 A Doctor's Advice.mp3
    Radio City Playhouse 481220 Three Men.mp3
    Radio City Playhouse 491225 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.mp3
    Radio Reader's Digest 461219 (042) Room for a Stranger.mp3
    Radio Reader's Digest 470320 (055) Gift of the Magi.mp3
    Railroad Hour 501225 - A Christmas Show.mp3
    Railroad Hour 511224 - Happy Prince.mp3
    Railroad Hour 521215 - Holiday Inn.mp3
    Red Skelton 451225 ChristmasTrees.mp3
    Red Skelton 461224 ChristmasStories.mp3
    Red Skelton 511226 The Day After Christmas.mp3
    Red Skelton A Christmas Story.mp3
    Red Skelton Christmas Comes But Once a Year(song).mp3
    Red Skelton Christmas Show.mp3
    Red Skelton Red's Christmas Book of Satire.mp3
    Red Skelton Special Christmas Show Santa Is Missing.mp3
    Richard Diamond 491224 Christmas Carol.mp3
    Rocky Fortune 531222 (011) The Plot To Murder Santa Claus.mp3
    Romance of the Ranchos 411224 (16) Christmas at San Gabriel.mp3

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