An OTR Christmas, V. 3 (85)
<a href="">An OTR Christmas, V. 3 (85)</
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    Episode Log
    Fibber McGee 431221 Looking for a Christmas Tree.mp3
    Fibber McGee 441219 Early Christmas Presents.mp3
    Fibber McGee 441226 McGee Controls His Temper.mp3
    Fibber McGee 451218 Fibber Paints the Christmas Tree White.mp3
    Fibber McGee 451224 Night Before Christmas.mp3
    Fibber McGee 451225 Doc's Gift To McGee.mp3
    Fibber McGee 461217 0495 Sun lamp.mp3
    Fibber McGee 461224 Night Before Christmas.mp3
    Fibber McGee 471216 Aunt Sarah's Fruitcake.mp3
    Fibber McGee 471223 The Lost Key Ring.mp3
    Fibber McGee 471230 Ten Dollar Gift Certificate.mp3
    Fibber McGee 481207 Early Christmas Shopping.mp3
    Fibber McGee 481221 Christmas Card from Elizabeth.mp3
    Fibber McGee 491206 Making Christmas Cards.mp3
    Fibber McGee 491220 Best Christmas Decorations.mp3
    Fibber McGee 511225 The Spirit of Giving.mp3
    Fibber McGee 521216 Exchanging Christmas Gift from Wallace Wimple.mp3
    Fibber McGee 521223 Surprise Christmas Party for Doc Gamble.mp3
    Fibber McGee 531120 Christmas Fund.mp3
    Fibber McGee 531216 Christmas Shopping.mp3
    Fibber McGee 531221 Mailing Aunt Sarah's Gift.mp3
    Fibber McGee 531223 Doc Helps Decorate the McGees' Christmas Tree.mp3
    Fibber McGee 531224 Laura, The Lopsided Pine Tree.mp3
    Fibber McGee 531225 Spending Christmas At Home.mp3
    Fibber McGee 531229 Exchanging Gifts At the Bon-Ton.mp3
    Fibber McGee 551222 Opening Doc's Christmas Cards.mp3
    Fibber McGee Christmas Song.mp3
    Fibber McGee White Christmas.mp3
    First Nighter 451222 Little Town of Bethlehem.mp3
    First Nighter 480101 One In the Middle.mp3
    First Nighter 481224 Oh, Little Town of Bethleham.mp3
    First Nighter 521223 Oh, Little Town of Bethleham.mp3
    Fred Allen 371222 Santa Claus Sits Down with JackBenny.mp3
    Fred Allen 391227 Christmas with Robert Benchley.mp3
    Fred Allen 451225 Plot To Overthrow Christmas.mp3
    Fred Allen Show 1948 Christmas Show Incomplete.mp3
    Fred Allen Show 371222 Santa Will Not Ride Tonight.mp3
    Fred Waring Show 481215 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.mp3
    Fred Waring Show 481222 A Christmas Song Medley.mp3
    Fred Waring Show 481227 Holiday.mp3
    Gene Autry Melody Ranch 481221 Here Comes Santa Claus.mp3
    Ginny Simms GI Christmas Special 431225 The Christmas Package.mp3
    Give Bonds for Christmas Promo.mp3
    Globe Theatre 441223 Christmas Carol.mp3
    Godfrey Talbot 421219 Christmas with the 8th Army.mp3
    Good News 381222 052 Christmas Show.mp3
    Goon Show 591224 A Christmas Carol.mp3
    Grand Central Station 411222 Traditional Christmas Program.mp3
    Grand Central Station 491224 Miracle for Christmas.mp3
    Grand Central Station 521219 Miracle for Christmas.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 411214 (016) Iron Reindeer.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 411221 (017) Christmas Gift for McGee.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 421220 (061) Christmas 1942.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 441224 - Twas The Night Before Xmas.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 451223 - Christmas Eve At Home.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 461225 - Christmas Caroling At Home.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 471210 - Christmas Shopping.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 471224 - Christmas Stray Puppy.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 481208 - Disappearing Christmas Gifts.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 481215 - Economy This Christmas.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 481222 - Family Christmas.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 491214 - Why the Chimes Rang.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 511212 - Leroy Sells Christmas Trees.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 511219 - It's Christmas.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 511226 - Opening Christmas Presents.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 521224 - Gildy and Leroy Alone for Xmas.mp3
    Great Gildersleeve 531223 - Selling Christmas Trees.mp3
    Green Christmas.mp3
    Gunsmoke 521220 Christmas Story.mp3
    Gunsmoke 551225 Twelfth Night.mp3
    Hallmark Playhouse 461219 Room for a Stranger.mp3
    Hallmark Playhouse 491222 Silent Night.mp3
    Hancock's Half Hour 561223 Hancock's Happy Christmas.mp3
    Hancock's Half Hour 581225 Bill and Father Christmas.mp3
    Hancock's Half Hour 591222 The Christmas Club.mp3
    Have Gun, Will Travel 581221 (005) Hanging Cross.mp3
    Have Gun, Will Travel 591220 Ranch Carnival.mp3
    Henry Hall Dance Band Show 361200 Christmas Show.mp3
    Honest Harold 501220 Children's Christmas Party.mp3
    Hopalong Cassidy 520315 (104) The Santa Claus Rustlers.mp3
    Hotpoint Holiday Hour 491225 Man Who Came To Dinner.mp3
    How The Grinch Stole Christmas.mp3
    I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again 691225 A Christmas Carrot.mp3
    I'm Walking Backward for Christmas.mp3
    Information, Please 441225 Fred Allen, James Wallace, St. Alba.mp3

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