An OTR Christmas, V. 2 (85)
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    Episode Log
    Cavalcade of America 411222 The Green Pasture.mp3
    Cavalcade of America 451224 (459) Names on the Land.mp3
    CBC Alan Maitland 700000 The Shepherd.mp3
    CBS Radio Workshop 561223 All Is Bright.mp3
    CBSRMT 741224 A Very Private Miracle.mp3
    CBSRMT 751224 (0402) A Christmas Carol - E. G. Marshall.mp3
    Challenge of the Yukon 451218 (0411) Christmas Present.mp3
    Challenge of the Yukon 481222 Man with the Red Coat.mp3
    Charles Laughton - Mr. Pickwick's Christmas.mp3
    Charlie Chan (049) Fiery Santa Claus.mp3
    Charlie Chan (050) Man Who Murdered Santa.mp3
    Chesterfield Show 411224.mp3
    Chesterfield Time 501220 Christmas Show.mp3
    Columbia Broadcasting System 391221 Dramatization of Poem Visit from St. Nick.mp3
    Columbia Workshop 421224 Plot To Overthrow Christmas.mp3
    Command Performance 421224 Christmas 1942 Bob Hope.mp3
    Command Performance 431225 Bob Hope, Fred Allen, Jack Benny.mp3
    Command Performance 441224 Christmas Program.mp3
    Command Performance 441225 Part 1.mp3
    Command Performance 441225 Part 2.mp3
    Command Performance 451224 Special Christmas Show.mp3
    Command Performance 481225 Christmas 1948.mp3
    Cornet Little Theater 431219 Gift of the Magi.mp3
    Damon Runyon Theater 490313 (011) Dancing Dan's Christmas.mp3
    Damon Runyon Theater 491023 (043) Palm Beach Santa Claus.mp3
    Damon Runyon Theater 491225 Dream Sweet Rose.mp3
    Dark Fantasy 064112 (026) The House of Bread.mp3
    Dark Fantasy 411226 House of Bread.mp3
    David Sedaris - Santa Land Diaries.mp3
    Dennis Day Show 461225 Boy Who Sang for King.mp3
    Dimension X 501224 Green Hills of Earth - Christmas Message By President Truman.mp3
    Douglas Edwards - At the North Pole.mp3
    Dr. Christian 381220 Danny Gets Married.mp3
    Dragnet 491222 (030) Twenty-Two Rifle for Christmas.mp3
    Dragnet 531222 Big Little Jesus.mp3
    Dragnet Christmas, Part One, Stan Freberg Santa.mp3
    Dragnet Christmas, Part Two, Stan Freberg Santa.mp3
    Duffy's Tavern 000000 Archie's Christmas Carol.mp3
    Duffy's Tavern 441222 Christmas Program Monty Woolley.mp3
    Duffy's Tavern 451221 The Cast Does 'A Christmas Carol'.mp3
    Duffy's Tavern 481222 Miracle On Third Avenue (with Jeff Chandler).mp3
    Duffy's Tavern 481223 Archie Is In Bad Spirits.mp3
    Duffy's Tavern 481229 Christmas Cards (with Dorothy Shay).mp3
    Duffy's Tavern 501222 Charles Coburn Plays Santa Claus.mp3
    Duffy's Tavern No Christmas Card for Archie.mp3
    Eddie Cantor 521225 Christmas Special.mp3
    EddieCantor 421223 Guest Ida Lupino.mp3
    EddieCantor 441220.mp3
    Edgar Bergen 441224 Navy Choir.mp3
    Edgar Bergen 541226 Hopalong Cassidy.mp3
    Edgar Bergen 551218 Christmas with Candice Bergen.mp3
    Escape 471224 Back for Christmas.mp3
    Escape 501224 The Cave.mp3
    Ethel and Albert 471209 Christmas.mp3
    Falcon 501224 Case of the Unwelcome Christmas Present.mp3
    Family Theater 471211 Substitute Santa.mp3
    Family Theater 471225 The Juggler of Our Lady.mp3
    Family Theater 480729 Christmas In July.mp3
    Family Theater 481222 Blessed Are They.mp3
    Family Theater 491214 The Other Wise Man.mp3
    Family Theater 491221 The Littlest Angel.mp3
    Family Theater 501213 Lullaby of Christmas.mp3
    Family Theater 501227 The Littlest Angel.mp3
    Family Theater 511219 Lullaby of Christmas.mp3
    Family Theater 511226 Star of Wonder.mp3
    Family Theater 521210 Lullaby of Christmas.mp3
    Family Theater 521231 The Presentation of Christ In the Temple.mp3
    FamilyTheater 481215 A Daddy for Christmas.mp3
    FamilyTheater 481222 Blessed Are They.mp3
    FamilyTheater 521217 Crossroads of Christ.mp3
    FamilyTheater 521224 The Nativity.mp3
    FamilyTheater 531223 Ruth.mp3
    Fat Man 1950 Murder Sends a Christmas Card.mp3
    Father Knows Best 501221 Christmas Program.mp3
    Father Knows Best A Hans Christian Anderson Christmas.mp3
    Fibber McGee 351209 Christmas Shopping.mp3
    Fibber Mcgee 381220 Christmas Shopping for McGee's Nephew.mp3
    Fibber McGee 391219 Package from Uncle Sycamore Arrives.mp3
    Fibber McGee 401210 Mailing Christmas Packages.mp3
    Fibber McGee 401224 Gildersleeve's Christmas Present.mp3
    Fibber McGee 411209 Forty Percent Off.mp3
    Fibber McGee 411216 Fibber Cuts Down His Own Christmas Tree.mp3
    Fibber McGee 411223 Christmas Presents.mp3
    Fibber McGee 421215 Misplaced Christmas Money.mp3
    Fibber McGee 421222 Listening To Christmas Carols.mp3

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