An OTR Christmas, V. 1 (85)
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    Episode Log
    Abbott and Costello 431220 Christmas Show.mp3
    Abbott and Costello 441214 Christmas Shopping.mp3
    Abbott and Costello 451220 Christmas Party.mp3
    Abbott and Costello 471224 Christmas Program.mp3
    Afloat with Henry Morgan 461225 Christmas Story.mp3
    Aldrich Family 420618 Christmas Cards and War Bonds.mp3
    Aldrich Family 481223 Christmas Program.mp3
    Aldrich Family 521221 Christmas Party Gifts.mp3
    AldrichFamily 481223 Hinting for Christmas Present.mp3
    All Star Western Theater 471220 The Words Signs Follow.mp3
    American Weekly 330000 Christmas Eve Ghost.mp3
    Amos and Andy 411224 Annual Christmas Show.mp3
    Amos and Andy 441224 Annual Christmas Show.mp3
    Amos and Andy 471223 Christmas Show.mp3
    Amos and Andy 501224 Christmas Show.mp3
    Amos and Andy 521228 Saffaire Wants a Mink Stole for Christmas.mp3
    Amos and Andy 541219 Christmas Show - Andy as Santa.mp3
    Archie Andrews 471213 Christmas Shopping.mp3
    Authors' Playhouse 411221 Christmas By Injunction.mp3
    Avalon Time 391206 (49) Newlyweds On Their Honeymoon Christmas Show.mp3
    BBC - The Night Before Christmas.mp3
    BBC 311224 A Christmas Carol.mp3
    BBC A Christmas Carol.mp3
    BBC Christmas Boobs.mp3
    BBC The Donkey That Helped Father Christmas.mp3
    Believe It Or Not (043) Floating Christmas Present.mp3
    Bernard Cribbons - The Snowman.mp3
    Beulah 531224 A Santa Suit for Mr. Henderson.mp3
    Bickersons 001224 Christmas Eve Program.mp3
    Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel 461200 Eddie Cantor.mp3
    Bing Crosby 421224 Kraft Music Hall.mp3
    Bing Crosby 431230 Kraft Music Hall.mp3
    Bing Crosby 471231 Danny Thomas.mp3
    Bing Crosby 491222 Al Jolson.mp3
    Bing Crosby 491229 Mills Brothers.mp3
    Bing Crosby Christmas.mp3
    Birds Eye Open House 431223 Exactly Like You.mp3
    Birdseye 451227 Returning Presents Dinah Shore and Groucho Marx.mp3
    Blondie 391225 Scrooge.mp3
    Blondie 481215 Christmas Show.mp3
    Bob and Ray 481225.mp3
    Bob and Ray 481227.mp3
    Bob and Ray 491220.mp3
    Bob and Ray 491221.mp3
    Bob and Ray 491222.mp3
    Bob and Ray 501222 Annual Christmas Party.mp3
    Bob and Ray 501223 Day After the Christmas Party.mp3
    Bob and Ray 591224 (129) Giving Christmas Gifts To the Cast.mp3
    Bob and Ray 591225 A Little Rock Music.mp3
    Bob Hope 511225 Christmas Show - The Story of Bingsy and Bobsy.mp3
    Bob Hope Show 451218 Christmas Show from San Francisco.mp3
    Bob Hope Show 481207 Christmas Shopping with Doris Day and Bing Crosby.mp3
    Bob Hope Show 541223 Christmas Show from Long Beach Veterans' Hospital.mp3
    Bob Hope Taking Peter to Toyland.mp3
    Boris Korloff 571200 Special Christmas Message To Station Owners.mp3
    Boston Blackie 193 Rings for Santa.mp3
    BOTA Qablalistic Interpretation of Christmas.mp3
    Brer Rabbit 01 Brer Fox and the Christmas Turkey.mp3
    Brer Rabbit 08 Brer Fox and His Christmas Hate.mp3
    Brer Rabbit 12 Brer Snake's Christmas Gift.mp3
    Brer Rabbit 15 Brer Beaver's Christmas Dinner.mp3
    Brer Rabbit 17 Mr. Rabbit's Christmas.mp3
    Brer Rabbit 18 Brer Fox and the Christmas Packages.mp3
    Brer Rabbit 19 Santa Claus Comes To the Brier Patch.mp3
    Brer Rabbit 20 The Night Before Christmas.mp3
    Bristol Myers 421225 (39) A Merry American Christmas Dinah Shore.mp3
    Broadway Is My Beat 491224 (015) Nick Norman, Santa Claus.mp3
    Burkiss Way (008) Plan Christmas Schedules.mp3
    Burkiss Way (025) Not To Be Opened Until Christmas.mp3
    Burn and Allen 461226 Christmas Presents Eddie Cantor.mp3
    Burns and Allen 371223 Gracie's Christmas Carol.mp3
    Burns and Allen 401223 Christmas Show.mp3
    Burns and Allen 411200 Mailing a Christmas Package.mp3
    Burns and Allen 411223 Santa and the Wicked Witch.mp3
    Burns and Allen 421222 Santa and the Wicked Pirate.mp3
    Burns and Allen 431221 Playing Santa Claus.mp3
    Burns and Allen 461226 Christmas Presents with Eddie Cantor.mp3
    Burns and Allen 471218 Gracie's Last-Minute Christmas Gift.mp3
    Burns and Allen Santa's Workshop.mp3
    California Caravan 471221 How Santa Came To Simpson's Bar.mp3
    Calling All Detectives 481224 An Extra Santa Shows Up.mp3
    Campbell Playhouse 391224 (042) A Christmas Carol.mp3
    Casey, Crime Photographer 461219 Christmas Shopping.mp3
    Casey, Crime Photographer 471225 Santa Claus Bum's Blvd.mp3
    Cavalcade of America 361209 (060) The Story of Christmas Seals.mp3

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