American History, Vol.2 (55)
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    Episode Log
    Adventures in Research George Westinghouse.mp3
    Adventures in Research Gustave Dalen.mp3
    American Trail The New South.mp3
    American Trail The Rich Desert.mp3
    Cavalcade of America 351016 The Conquered Distance.mp3
    Cavalcade of America 351023 The Spirit of Competition.mp3
    Cavalcade of America 351225 The Humanitarian Urge.mp3
    Cavalcade of America 360108 Woman in Public Service.mp3
    Cavalcade of America 360212 Abraham Lincoln.mp3
    Cavalcade of America 361007 Helping Hand.mp3
    Cavalcade of America 361028 Edward MacDowell.mp3
    Cavalcade of America 361223 A Tribute to Ernestine Schumann-Heink.mp3
    Cavalcade of America 370113 Father of Plastics.mp3
    Cavalcade of America 370407 Admiral Perry Discovers the Pole.mp3
    Cavalcade of America 370519 Thomas A Edison - The Man.mp3
    Cavalcade of America 370630 Luther Burbank.mp3
    Cavalcade of America 371027 Clara Louise Kellogg.mp3
    Cavalcade of America 371103 Elmer Ambrose Sperry.mp3
    Cavalcade of America 380302 Anne Sullivan Macy.mp3
    Cavalcade of America 380309 The Last of the Scouts, Buffalo Bill.mp3
    Cavalcade of America 410312 Black Rust.mp3
    Cavalcade of America 410616 Annie Oakley.mp3
    Cavalcade of America 410623 Joel Chandler Harris.mp3
    CBS Radio Workshop 570630 Battle of Gettysburg.mp3
    Columbia Workshop 390403 Rendezvous with Kit Carson.mp3
    Crime Classics 531209 Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.mp3
    Crime Classics 540106 Younger Brothers.mp3
    Destination Freedom 480808 The Heart of Georgia Cotton.mp3
    Destination Freedom 480829 The Story of 1875.mp3
    Destination Freedom 481017 Boy Who Was Traded for a Horse (George Carver).mp3
    Destination Freedom 490904 Saga of Senator Blanche K. Bruce.mp3
    Frontier Fighters 1935 Cochise and Capt Tom Jeffers.mp3
    Frontier Fighters 1935 Reverend Thomas Starr King.mp3
    Frontier Fighters 1935 Santa Fe Trail.mp3
    Frontier Fighters 1935 Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads.mp3
    Frontier Fighters 1935 Wild Bill Hickok.mp3
    Great Speeches - Abraham Lincoln - The Gettysburg Address.mp3
    Hallmark Playhouse 480909 Cimarron.mp3
    Hallmark Playhouse 490324 Wyatt Earp.mp3
    Jack Benny 390528 Alexander Graham Bell.mp3
    Little Orphan Annie 360616 Wright Brothers 33rd Anniversary.mp3
    Mr. President 470703 Grover Cleveland.mp3
    Mr. President 470814 Benjamin Harrison.mp3
    Mr. President 481128 Abraham Lincoln.mp3
    MutualRadioTheater 800318 First Annual National lRadio Aptitude Test.mp3
    MutualRadioTheater 800414 The Goodnight Loving Trail.mp3
    The Pacific Railroad.mp3
    Theodore Roosevelt Social and Industrial Justce.mp3
    You are There 470707 Assassination of Lincoln.mp3
    You are There 471021 Battle of Gettysburg.mp3
    You are There 481107 Lee and Grant at Appamatox.mp3
    You are There 481226 Monitor vs. Merrimac.mp3
    You are There 490227 Impeachment of Andrew Johnson.mp3
    You are There 490522 Bombardment of Fort Sumter.mp3
    You are There 490605 Capture of John Wilkes Booth.mp3

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