All About Abe Lincoln (38)
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    Episode Log
    01 Academy Award Theater 460710 Young Mr. Lincoln (poor quality).mp3
    02 AFRS Your All-Time Hit Parade Is It True What They Say About Dixie.mp3
    03 Cavalade of America 360212 Abraham Lincoln.mp3
    04 Cavalcade of America 430531 Abraham Lincoln's Wife.mp3
    05 Cavalcade of America 480209 Mr. Lincoln GoesTo a Play.mp3
    06 CBS Radio Workshop 570630 Battle of Gettysburg.mp3
    07 CBSRMT 750318 It's Murder, Mr. Lincoln.mp3
    08 CBSRMT 790924 The Gettysburg Address.mp3
    09 CBSRMT 820428 The Ghost of Andersonville.mp3
    10 CBSRMT 821006 The Abraham Lincoln Murder Trial.mp3
    11 Crime Classics 531209 Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.mp3
    12 Destination Freedom 480704 Railway To Freedom.mp3
    13 Fibber McGee and Molly 580427 Lincoln and Valentine's Day.mp3
    14 Hallmark Playhouse 490203 Abe Lincoln, the Prairie Years.mp3
    15 Mercury Theater 380815 Abraham Lincoln.mp3
    16 Mister President 480725 Abraham Lincoln.mp3
    17 Mister President 480919 Abraham Lincoln.mp3
    18 Mister President 481031 Abraham Lincoln.mp3
    19 Mister President 481128 Abraham Lincoln.mp3
    20 Mutual Radio Theater 800922 After Bull Run.mp3
    21 Mysterious Traveler 500207 Man Who Tried To Save Lincoln.mp3
    22 New Word A'Coming 450211 They Knew Lincoln.mp3
    23 Screen Director's Playhouse 500519 Grant Takes Richmond.mp3
    24 Speeches Abraham Lincoln (Delivered By Peter Marinker).mp3
    25 Stan Freberg USA Abe Lincoln At Home.mp3
    26 Stan Freberg USA Grant and Lincoln.mp3
    27 Stan Freberg USA Lincoln Show Business.mp3
    28 Stan Freberg USA Lincoln Sings.mp3
    29 Stan Freberg USA The Appomattox Courthouse.mp3
    30 Stroke of Fate 531004 Robert E. Lee.mp3
    31 Stroke of Fate 531101 Abraham Lincoln.mp3
    32 Suspense 620211 The Man Who Went BackTo Save Lincoln.mp3
    33 You Are There 470707 Assassination of Lincoln.mp3
    34 You Are There 471021 Battle of Gettysburg.mp3
    35 You Are There 481107 Lee and Grant At Appamatox.mp3
    36 You Are There 481226 Monitor Vs. Merrimac.mp3
    37 You Are There 490522 Bombardment of Ft. Sumter.mp3
    38 You Are There 490605 Capture of John Wilkes Booth.mp3

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