Al Jolson, Vol. 2 (34)
<a href="">Al Jolson, Vol. 2 (34)
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    Episode Log
    Here'sToVeterans_1446_ Jolson.mp3
    Jolson with Oscar Levant 1950.mp3
    KraftMusicHall_490224_The Andrews Sisters.mp3
    KraftMusicHall_490303_Dorothy Kirsten.mp3
    KraftMusicHall_490310_Jimmy Durante.mp3
    KraftMusicHall_490317_Roy Rogers_Dale Evans.mp3
    KraftMusicHall_490324_George Jessel.mp3
    KraftMusicHall_490407 A Baseball Team For Jolson-Groucho Marx.mp3
    KraftMusicHall_490414_Margaret Whiting.mp3
    KRAFTMUSICHALL_49-04-21 guest Jimmy Durante.mp3
    KraftMusicHall_490428 _Doris Day.mp3
    KraftMusicHall_490505_Dennis Day.mp3
    KraftMusicHall_490512_Victor Moore.mp3
    KraftMusicHall_490519_Dorothy Kirsten.mp3
    KraftMusicHall_490526 A Laundry For Jolson-Groucho Marx.mp3
    KraftMusicHall_491021_Jimmy Durante.mp3
    KraftMusicHall_William Bendix.mp3
    LuxRadioTheater_450402_Swannee River.mp3
    LuxRadioTheater_470602_Jazz Singer.mp3
    LuxRadioTheater_480216_Jolson Story.mp3
    LuxRadioTheater_500522_Jolson sings again.mp3
    Operation Dawn_490522 with Agnes Moorehead.mp3
    Shell Chateau_350624.mp3
    Shell Chateau_350706.mp3
    SHELL CHATEAU_350713.mp3
    SHELL CHATEAU_350720.mp3
    SHELL CHATEAU_350727.mp3
    SHELL CHATEAU_350803.mp3
    SHELL CHATEAU_350817.mp3
    SHELL CHATEAU_350824.mp3
    SHELL CHATEAU_350831.mp3

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