86 Sports Stories (86)
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    Episode Log
    Amos n Andy 291122 At the Bull Fight.mp3
    Amos n Andy 440211 Three Times and You're Out.mp3
    Archie Andrews Football Tickets.mp3
    Baby Snooks Football Game.mp3
    Believe It Or Not - Game of Chess.mp3
    Believe It Or Not - Home Run Show.mp3
    Believe It Or Not - Strange Sport.mp3
    Bulldog Drummond Death Rides a Racehorse.mp3
    Burns and Allen 500222 Going to the Races.mp3
    Buster Brown Gang 490305 Alamo, The Race Horse.mp3
    Columbia Workshop 420419 Play Ball.mp3
    Columbia Workshop 460707 The Day that Baseball Died.mp3
    Damon Runyon Theater Baseball Hattie.mp3
    Damon Runyon Theater Horse Players Die Broke.mp3
    Dangerous Assignment 530211 The Right Football Play.mp3
    Dennis Day SHow 481009 Tries to Get Football Plays from Another Team.mp3
    Dennis Day Show480623 Bets on Horses By Mistake.mp3
    Destination Freedom 481010 Little David (Joe Louis).mp3
    Destination Freedom 481121 The Rhyme of the Ancient Dodger.mp3
    Destination Freedom 490515 The Ballad of Satchell Paige.mp3
    Eddie Cantor Show 450328 Golf.mp3
    Frances Langford Show 470605 Going to a Baseball Game.mp3
    Frank Race 490911 - Fourth Round Knockout, The.mp3
    Fred Allen 460416 Leo Durocher.mp3
    Fred Allen 460428 Racing from Trial.mp3
    Fred Allen 480425 Scalping Baseball Tickets.mp3
    Fred Allen Guest Leo Durocher.mp3
    Fred Allen Guests Frank Sinatra, Leo Durocher.mp3
    Information Please 381018 Gene Tunney.mp3
    Jack Benny 490306 A Trip to the Racetrack.mp3
    Jack Benny 391126 Duck Hunting.mp3
    Jack Benny 461117 Guests Ronald Coleman and Leo Duroche.mp3
    Jack Benny 471019 Golf Match at Hillcrest Country Club.mp3
    Jack Benny 471026 The Seventh Hole at Hillcrest.mp3
    Jack Benny 471207 Football with the Kids.mp3
    Jack Benny 480104 Rose Bowl.mp3
    Jack Benny 501217 Golf Tees for Don.mp3
    Jack Benny Football with the Beavers.mp3
    Jack Benny Racetrack.mp3
    Jimmy Durante Show 480225 JD & VM Go to a Racetrack.mp3
    Jimmy Durante Show 480425 Scalping Baseball Tickets.mp3
    Jimmy Durante Show 480526 Jimmy Seeks Endorsements from Sports Heroes.mp3
    Jimmy Durante Show 500421 Opening of Baseball Season.mp3
    Joe Frank 80 Yard Run.mp3
    Life of Riley 470419 Boxer Riley.mp3
    Life of Riley 471101 Football Pool Card.mp3
    Life of Riley 481203 Gets Football Tickets.mp3
    Life of Riley 490117 Coaches Junior's Basketball.mp3
    Life of Riley 510323 Basketball Game - Bribe.mp3
    Life of Riley 510518 Soap Box Derby.mp3
    Lum and Abner Bird Watching.mp3
    Lum and Abner Cedrick Can't Live without Pinball.mp3
    Lum and Abner Horse Shoes.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 370419 Alibi Ike.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 391113 The Champ.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 401202 Knute Rockne, All American.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 420629 The Champ.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 431004 Pride Of The Yankees.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 500213 The Stratton Story.mp3
    Lux Radio Theater 530406 Angels in the Outfield.mp3
    Milton Berle Show 470812 Summer Sports.mp3
    Milton Berle Show 471104 Football.mp3
    Milton Berle Show 471209 Prize Fighting.mp3
    Milton Berle Show 480106 Winter Sports.mp3
    Milton Berle Show 480330 Horse Racing.mp3
    Mutual Radio Theater 800415 The Baseball Announcer.mp3
    My Favorite Husband 091649 The Girls Play Baseball.mp3
    Our Miss Brooks 481031 Connie and Mr Boynton Go to the Football Game.mp3
    Our Miss Brooks 490213 Stretch, The Basketball Star.mp3
    Our Miss Brooks 491211 Game at Clay City.mp3
    Our Miss Brooks 500326 Baseball Team Uniforms.mp3
    Our Miss Brooks 540200 Basketball Trip.mp3
    Ozzie & Harriet 470223 Bowling.mp3
    Ozzie & Harriet 490109 Sports Heroes.mp3
    Ozzie & Harriet 530501 Baseball Manager.mp3
    Phil Harris 491127 Investment in Female Wrestler.mp3
    Phil Harris 510225 Golf Game.mp3
    Phil Harris 531002 The Horse Race.mp3
    Radio Reader's Digest 470424 Babe Ruth (guest), Big Man of Baseball.mp3
    Red Skelton 510422 McPug's Magic Glove.mp3
    Red Skelton 510603 Take Me Out To the Ball Game.mp3
    Sealtest Variety Theater 490428 Betting on the Horses.mp3
    Suspense 510924 The McKay College Basketball Scandal.mp3
    Unknown 621120 French Cricket.mp3
    Unknown KIRO (Champ).mp3
    You Bet Your Life Baseball Team for Jolson.mp3

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