100 Rare Horror Shows, Vol. 1 (100)
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    Episode Log
    Beyond Midnight 40th Birthday.mp3
    Beyond Midnight Dear Ghost.mp3
    Beyond Midnight Harry.mp3
    Beyond Midnight Hello, Down There.mp3
    Beyond Midnight Short Circuit.mp3
    Beyond Midnight Smile To Drive You Mad.mp3
    Beyond Midnight Their Dreams Were Shattered.mp3
    Beyond Midnight Thing in Cabin 105 (Upper Berth).mp3
    Beyond Tomorrow 50-04-05 Requiem.mp3
    Beyond Tomorrow 50-04-11 Incident at Switchpath.mp3
    Black Castle Escape To Death.mp3
    Black Castle Jungle Adventure.mp3
    Black Chapel 39-01-06 The Mahogany Coffin.mp3
    Black Chapel Crawling Terror.mp3
    Black Ghost 1 (no open no close).mp3
    Black Ghost 2 (no open no close).mp3
    Black Hood 43-08-30 Emerald Voodoo Ring.mp3
    Black Magic ep.3.mp3
    Black Magic ep.4.mp3
    Creaking Door Alive in the Grave.mp3
    Creeps by Night The Final Reckoning.mp3
    Dark Venture 46-12-02 Man in 206.mp3
    Dark Venture The Boarder.mp3
    Dark Venture Turnabout.mp3
    Darkness pgm.1 For My NextTrick.mp3
    Darkness pgm.2 Catch Kill.mp3
    Darkness pgm.3 Funhouse.mp3
    Darkness pgm.4 Life Span.mp3
    Darkness pgm.5 Toltec's Tomb.mp3
    Darkness pgm.6 Cant You Do Anything Right.mp3
    Darkness pgm.7 Weekend Vacation.mp3
    Darkness pgm.8 Trust Me Darling, I Love You.mp3
    Haunting Hour Assignment Death.mp3
    Haunting Hour Pgm.24 Murder Is My Business.mp3
    Haunting Hour Tapping on the Window.mp3
    House of Mystery Ghost Who Forgot Halloween.mp3
    Inner Sanctum 410420 The Fog.mp3
    Macabre Edge of Evil.mp3
    Macabre Final Resting Place.mp3
    Macabre House and the Garden.mp3
    Macabre Midnight Horseman.mp3
    Macabre The Avenger.mp3
    Macabre The Man in the Mirror.mp3
    Macabre Weekend.mp3
    Molle Mystery Theater 46-05-24 33 Goodbye Darling.mp3
    Molle Mystery Theater The Creeper.mp3
    Murder at Midnight 47-03-24 pgm.26 Red Wheels.mp3
    Murder at Midnight Murder Out of Mind.mp3
    Murder by Experts 45-09-05 Return Trip.mp3
    Murder by Experts 49-08-15 Dig Your Own Grave.mp3
    Murder by Experts 49-09-11 Return Trip.mp3
    Murder by Experts 50-05-22 Three's a Crowd.mp3
    Murder by Experts Conspiracy.mp3
    Murder Clinic Governor of Cape Haitian.mp3
    Murder Clinic Tragedy at Marsden Manor.mp3
    Mystery House (Bela Lugosi) Thirsty Death.mp3
    Mystery Playhouse 44-11-28 Nightmare.mp3
    Mystery Playhouse 45-01-30 Deadline at Dawn.mp3
    Mystery Playhouse 45-10-12 Death Is a Caused.mp3
    Mystery Playhouse 45-10-19 Leg Man.mp3
    Mystery Playhouse 46-09-27 Two Men in a Furnished Room.mp3
    Mystery Playhouse Crime To Fit Punishment Peter Lorre.mp3
    Mystery Playhouse Last Laugh Murder (Peter Lorre).mp3
    Mystery Playhouse Those Who Walk in Darkness (Karloff).mp3
    Nightmare Chance of a Ghost.mp3
    Nightmare Coincidence.mp3
    Nightmare Hollow Footsteps.mp3
    Nightmare The Leech.mp3
    Phyl Coe Mysteries Case of the Fallen Star.mp3
    Phyl Coe Mysteries Death in the Sky.mp3
    Phyl Coe Mysteries Death Ray Tube.mp3
    Phyl Coe Mysteries Double X Mystery.mp3
    Phyl Coe Mysteries Jagged Rock Mystery.mp3
    Phyl Coe Mysteries Last Will and Testament.mp3
    Phyl Coe Mysteries Laughing Ghost.mp3
    Phyl Coe Mysteries Missing Masterpiece.mp3
    Phyl Coe Mysteries Murder on the High Seas.mp3
    Phyl Coe Mysteries Stolen Sables.mp3
    Phyl Coe Mysteries Who Murdered Sen.Floyd.mp3
    Sounds of Darkness 69-11-25 Painted in Red.mp3
    Sounds of Darkness 70-03-17 Face of Death.mp3
    Sounds of Darkness Friend of Uncle Sam.mp3
    Sounds of Darkness Traitors Beware.mp3
    Theater Ten Thirty Dr.Mcgregor and the Curious Bones.mp3
    Theater Ten Thirty Ghost Town Hermit.mp3
    Theater Ten Thirty Sherlock Holmes Devil's Foot.mp3
    Theater Ten Thirty The Monkey's Paw.mp3
    Theater Ten Thirty The Screaming Skull.mp3
    Theater Ten Thirty The Wendygoe.mp3
    Theater Ten Thirty TheYellow Wallpaper.mp3
    Theater Ten Thirty Thing in the Hall.mp3
    Theater Ten Thirty Trespassers Experimented Upon.mp3
    Theater Ten Thirty Two Little Punctures.mp3

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